Canine Obesity

Humans tend to adore the plump and pudgy appearance of their dogs. However, as a dog owner, you need to be responsible and keep your dogs healthy to avoid canine obesity. There are numerous health risks that are associated with dog obesity. To prevent your dogs from gaining too much weight, the calories that they are burning should exceed the amount of their calorie intake. This may sound so simple, but in reality, it’s not. Let us first examine the causes of the overweight dogs.
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When you have a canine friend, and you want them to interact with other dogs, you also want to ensure that they are on their best behavior. DDG Doggy daycare has become a common term for most dog owners in the Tri-Cities area who do not know how to deal with certain behavior that their dogs have. Shy dogs are said to have poor social skills, and through our doggy daycare, they can connect with other dog friends. If you have noticed that your dog appears to be reserved, even when you take him/her to dog parks, you may want to consider Dog Day Getaway’s doggy daycare.
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The importance of teaching your dog not to jump on people, or other dogs, cannot be overstated. From health benefits to creating a friendly living environment, today DDG looks at simple ways you can teach your dog how to not jump on people as well as why it’s important.
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Table Scraps and Foods that dogs cant eat

With the holidays upon us you’ll have more people to your home and that could mean trouble for your dog. Especially if these guests like to give their own dogs table scraps. Make your guest aware that you don’t like to give your dog table scraps no matter if they beg. Your guests should understand. We came across this infographic that you might want to print and tape to your fridge. Read More

Cleaning Dogs Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be a fight at bath time. Keeping up with dog dental cleaning is simple when following a few easy steps. Read More

You often have to wonder if your dog understands what you or those around you are saying. Often he may cock his head to one side as if trying to figure out what it is you’re asking (or singing), but he may understand a lot more than he is letting on. Read More

Dog Commands

DDG has come up with a list of the top 10 dog commands that we think every pet owner should know. Dog training is key to a great relationship with your pet, please read our top 10 dog commands list and see how many you’ve taught!
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Spay or Neuter

There are many reasons to spay or neuter your dog, and DDG has come up with a few solid reasons. Please read if you are a new pet owner or are thinking about spaying or neutering your dog
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Our warmer Minnesota weather means your dog has more playtime outdoors, and if unsupervised can lead to Mother Nature being introduced to your non-spayed or neutered dog. DDG has come up with a few methods of what to look for for dog pregnancy signs. Read More

Simply put, a dog with a microchip has a better chance of returning home if lost or stolen. Have you ever thought of losing your beloved pet? That gut-wrenching feeling of not knowing where they are or if they’re safe? You may be interested to know that microchipping may be the only thing that brings your dog back to you, faster than you thought possible. Read More