Helping Your Dog Overcome Shyness at Doggy Daycare

When you have a canine friend, and you want them to interact with other dogs, you also want to ensure that they are on their best behavior. DDG Doggy daycare has become a common term for most dog owners in the Tri-Cities area who do not know how to deal with certain behavior that their dogs have. Shy dogs are said to have poor social skills, and through our doggy daycare, they can connect with other dog friends. If you have noticed that your dog appears to be reserved, even when you take him/her to dog parks, you may want to consider Dog Day Getaway’s doggy daycare.

Dealing with Shy Dogs and Helping Your Dog Overcome Shyness

Going to the dog parks should be one of the most exciting activities for the dog as well as dog owners. This is a great moment to play and discover some of the skills that your dog has. However, if your dog seems to cower behind you all the time and does not seem playful, then you have a shy dog. You will need professional help to handle a shy dog and boost its level of confidence. A doggy daycare should be the right place to deal with your shy dog. There are many approaches that our dog day care will use to help your shy dog overcome this trait.

Provide Social Situations to Help a Dog Overcome Shyness

With a professional doggy daycare, one of the key things that will be done is to expose your dog to social situations. This is a great channel to improve the overall confidence of the dog. In most cases, the dog owners are responsible for the shyness, and they cause this unconsciously.

When your dog is not used to other people or places, besides your home, it may be difficult for it to lunge in social situations. A daycare will provide a chance for your dog to be with other people and dog friends and this will be a great step towards building confidence and eliminating shyness. Don’t force your dog into an uncomfortable situation as this may aggravate their condition.

Enhancing Confidence over Shyness

Most dog owners will reward shy behaviors in their dogs, and this elevates the problem. Generally, dogs tend to repeat any form of behavior that is rewarded. At the daycare, when your dog acts shy, it is ignored and instead receives tons of praises when it engages in a social activity. Keeping in mind that each dog is unique and there is no single style that works for all shy dogs. You should note that dogs are generally shy and at daycare, this may not change overnight. With our professional guidance and assistance, you will learn to work at the dog’s pace. We all need to be patient and help your dog overcome shyness and gain confidence gradually.


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