Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump on People and Why Its Important

The importance of teaching your dog not to jump on people, or other dogs, cannot be overstated. From health benefits to creating a friendly living environment, today DDG looks at simple ways you can teach your dog how to not jump on people as well as why it’s important.

How to Teach Your Dog Not To Jump on People

You truly want your dog to be calm when meeting new people, new dog friends or simply having company over without your dog scratching them or tearing their clothes. Let’s face it, dogs are loving animals that love to meet and greet. When a dog meets another dog or human, they’re inclined to try and sniff their face (and often ears). You being taller requires them to jump up to smell your face and possibly get in a good lick!

The bouncier the dog, the bigger the problem

There are a number of simple techniques that you could use to teach your dog to remain calm and composed. These are:

  1. Teaching your dog how to sit – teaching your dog how to “sit” is an important first step to solving this jumping issue.
  2. If your dog is unresponsive to the “sit technique”, you could use the fetch technique. This is where you throw them a ball and they go fetch it in the process end up burning some energy. Although, this becomes a problem when people visit, your dog immediately expects to play ball.

The Importance of Teaching Your Dog Not To Jump: A Well Mannered Dog

Teaching your dog not to jump shows in all aspects, that your dog is obedient and well-mannered. Remember, as the dog owner, you are in charge, and you want to establish your authority on your dog. This means, therefore, that your dog listens to you and what you say. TIP: When training, it’s best that you be the primary trainer in the household, at least until you have simple commands taught.

  • When a pup jumps on you, it’s no big deal. However, when the pup grows, which it is bound to, it gains weight and becomes heavier. Imagine a scenario where a 150lb German shepherd jumps on your guest as they enter your home. This will only have one ending, your guest being scratched to seriously injured from a fall. This is why teaching your dog not to jump is important not only for them but for their overall well being.
  • Good Dog to Guest Relationship: When you teach your dog how not to jump on you or your guests when you enter your home, you are nurturing a good dog-guest relationship. This means that your guests will not be wary when they are visiting your home. After all, not everyone is good with dogs. A good dog-guest relationship will create a certain comfortable environment in your living space, making it guest-friendly.
  • Good Dog to Dog Relationship: We’re not always there to take care of our dogs, maybe due to engagements such as work or school. The importance of teaching your dog how not to jump on other dogs will help your dog remain calm and relaxed when you leave them at DDG doggy day care. A well-mannered dog is less likely to cause trouble for you and other dogs.

Overall, we hope that these training techniques are sure to foster a well-mannered dog while ensuring that you are healthy and safe and your house is guest-friendly. If you have questions, suggestions or inquiries about animal and pets and how to train them, do not hesitate, call and speak with a Dog Day Getaway team member today.


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