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Cost of Pet Ownership

Cost of Pet Ownership on the Rise

If your household is one of the many, many homes in the United States that acquired a pet this year, did you run any calculations on pet ownership? Like any other member of the family that new dog or cat will need to be taken care of. In this article we will help you budget…

History of Dogs

The History of Dogs

Ever wonder why we have dogs, domesticated them or where they came from. Here’s some information about the history of dogs. There is no comparison of any pet in the world. So how did they come to be? How did they grow to be our friends and protectors? The true history of dogs, lets dive…

Dog Photos

How To Display Great Dog Photos

If, like me, you love dogs, you have probably taken dozens of pictures of your adorable puppies or dogs. And where are the cute dog photos now? Is it hidden in a drawer or a shoebox and collects dust? Don’t let these cute dog pictures hide and forget! There are many decorative ways that you…