Making the Most Out of Doggy Daycare

A lot of people are setting their dogs to our tri-cities doggy daycare on a regular basis. However, there are still some pet owners who are wondering why they need to do so and believe their dog may not like to be with other dogs. For them, it is only an added expense that’s unnecessary. But the truth is that there are lots of benefits dogs, and their owners, get from dog day care in the Tri-Cities.

How Making the Most out of a Tri-Cities Doggy Daycare Helps You and Your Dog

  • Socialize with other Dogs: The dog can get lonely at home by oneself the whole day. The dog will become destructive and chew on stuff that he shouldn’t. Some dogs don’t like being alone and require the company of others. It is because they are pack animals. It is their nature to enjoy the company and others and tend to move in groups. When you send him to daycare for dogs, your pet gets all the attention one needs, and at the same time be able to play with other dogs.
  • Learn Etiquette: Doggy daycare is the best place where your dog can learn etiquette. The staff understands the behavior of the dogs and can promote safe play. It allows dogs to learn the behaviors that are socially acceptable among dogs and humans alike. A well-staffed daycare for dogs can teach your canine friend proper etiquette when one is out with other dogs and among humans.
  • Don’t Worry about Letting Dog Out: There’s no need to rush home every day just to let your dog out. There are some instances in which you need to stay longer at work, but you can’t concentrate on work because you are worrying about your dog. When your pet stays at a dog day care, you don’t need to worry whether one needs to pee or hungry.
  • Gets Human Attention: Our Tri-Cities doggy daycare is the best alternative to leaving your pet alone at home the whole day while you are at work. Anxiety and depression can build up when pets are left alone for a long time. When you leave one at the daycare, your four-legged friend will get all the human attention it needs.
  • Keep Home Safe: Daycare for dogs is recommended for people who don’t like letting strangers into their home. There will be no stranger to come into the home to walk the dog. With a dog day care, you bring the dog to their facilities.
  • Dogs Get More Exercise
    Daily exercise helps dogs maintain healthy weight. Exercise also improves the mood and overall health of the dog by preventing diseases. Spending the day at the dog day care is the best way to release all the pent up energy.

As you can see, tri-cities doggy daycare helps your canine friend satisfy their need for socialization, pack play and exercise. It also provides several benefits for you. You get peace of mind your dog is having fun, exercising and playing with new friends while you get to focus more at your job, at a business meeting or on vacation. When you return home, you will get a more adjusted and healthier pet.


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