DDG January 2017 Dog of the Month Peanut

Peanut January 2017 DOTM We are so excited to have this spunky and energetic Morkie, Peanut, as the DDG January 2017 Dog of the Month

Peanut is the DDG Dog of The Month: January 2017

  • What is your Dogs Name? Peanut
  • How old is she? She is 1 years old
  • Does she have any nicknames? The DDG staffers like to call her Miss P or Nutty; at home she is Nutters or Nachos
  • How did she get her name? She was the only female in her litter with 3 brothers. She was the smallest of the bunch so it was just fitting that she be named Peanut.
  • What is the most expensive item that she has destroyed? Nothing yet!
  • What is her favorite place to be scratched?  Well of course on her belly!
  • Does she have a favourite toy? She loves her toy beaver.
  • How about a favourite treat? She loves anything with Peanut Butter
  • Best trick that she knows?  Sit
  • What is her personality? She is energetic, feisty and cuddly. Her mom thinks she goes up to dogs and says “Hi, my name is Peanut and we are friends now.”  She wants to be anyone’s friend.
  • Peanut is a pistol, we love her amazing energy and her over the top personality. This is a 5lb dog that can and will run with the big dogs. She loves them and they love her.

  • Who is her best friend?  At DDG it is Inga (a Yorkie-Poo) and in my neighborhood it is Ruby and Link.
  • Does Peanut go to the dog park? I don’t do the dog park but I do go to the Tiny Tots Playgroup at DDG every month!
  • Housemates?  Her Mom and Dad
  • Favourite thing about DDG?  She loves playing with her Yorkie posse and honestly just every dog there.
  • What is the naughtiest thing Peanut’s done?  She thinks she is far too cute to do anything naughty. Her mom and dad disagree.
  • Where did she come from?  Austin, MN

Images are courtesy of KME Photography! We love Kirsten’s work and we know you will too! Interested in getting proper photos of your dog and/or other family member, click the link above to get in touch with Kirsten and set an appointment.
Peanut January DOTM Peanut DOTM January 2017 Dog of the Month: Peanut


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