DDG December 2016 Dog of the Month

Marlow December Dog of the Month 2016 Merry Christmas Marlow! Marlow is Dog Day Getaway’s December 2016 Dog of the Month. Let’s find out more about him…

Merry Christmas Marlow the DDG December 2016 Dog of the Month!

At DDG, we have an amazing guest list and as always, every month, we have a hard choice of picking our Dog of the Month. After much deliberation we chose this special guy:

  • Dogs Name is: Marlow Goedert
  • Where did he come from? He was rescued from Last Home at 18 months.
  • How old is Marlow?  He is 5 years old.
  • What is his breed? He is a Golden Retriever
  • Do you have any nicknames for him?  I call him psycho.
  • How did you pick the name Marlow?  He is named after literary detective Phillipe Marlowe
  • What is the most expensive item he has destroyed? A shoe, but in his defense no one was paying attention to him.
  • Does he have a favorite place to be scratched?  Well his butt of course.
  • What is his favorite toy? He loves balls or anything that squeaks
  • Favorite treat of his? He is a fan of peanut butter.
  • What is his best trick? He has mastered looking neglected and unloved.
  • Describe his personality: He is fun and full of life
  • Does he have a best friend? Sure does, Kristen, his mom.
  • If someone wanted to hang out with him, does he have a favorite dog park? You and your dog can play with him at Dakota Woods Dog Park or Ritter Park
  • Housemates?  His mom Kristen and the occasional overnight guest
  • What is his favorite things about DDG? That they like me and they treat me great!
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has ever done? He ate a raw T-bone steak off the counter, but it sure was YUMMY!

We love our boy Marlow, he is full of personality, loves to cuddle and is fun!

Marlow December Dog of the Month 2016 Marlow December Dog of the Month 2016

Photos courtesy of our amazing photographer http://www.kmephotomn.com/.


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