February 2017 DDG Dog of the Month is Beanie

dog of the month february 2017 is beanie This handsome weenie dog is Beanie and he is our February 2017 Dog of the Month and we think he is pretty special.

February 2017 Dog of The Month is BEANIE!

What is your full name?  Beanie Smith

How old are you?  He is 4 years Old

What breed is Beanie? He is a Dachshund

Do you have any nicknames for him?  Beans or just Beanie

How did you decide on the name Beanie? That is what his foster parents named him.

What is the most expensive item that he has destroyed? He destroyed my moms boss’s bathroom door and it was real bad!

Nothing like leaving a great impression Beanie!

  • Does he have a favorite place to be scratched? Behind his ears is his favorite.
  • What is his favorite toy? Mr. Furry Fox is his favorite.
  • Does he have a favorite treat? He loves his bones.
  • Does he know any tricks? He can roll over
  • How would you describe his personality? He is protective but loving and can be a bit anxious.
  • My best friend?  My best friend is my family.
  • Does he go to any dog parks? He does not frequent the dog park.
  • Who does he share his house with? No one but his mom.
  • What is Beanies favorite thing about DDG? He loves to lay out and sun bathe.
  • What is the naughtiest thing he’s ever done? He bit the handyman
  • Where did Beanie come from? Pet Project Rescue adoptable dogs

dog of the month february 2017 is beanie DOTM February 2017 is Beanie


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