Health Pupdates

We’ll be including Health Pupdates right here on DDG!

These “Pupdates” are health and wellness alerts. If there’s a flu bug, kennel cough or dog virus in the area, you’ll be the first to know. DDG staff will post the update here giving as much detail as possible, plus making any additional updates as the illness progresses or declines.

Dog Boarding

At Dog Day Getaway, we know how difficult it can be to leave your dog behind when you have to leave on a business trip or to take a vacation. With our Dog Boarding facility, they will feel completely at ease as if they are at their 2nd home! Sleepovers Made Fun!

Remember that first night you stayed at a friend’s house, and how scary it was to be without your mom or dad for the first time? We sure do, which is why we want you to know that our doggy sleepovers are chock full of fun to keep their minds off of you and on the excitement.

Break out the Bubbles, We’re Going In!

Dog Bathing and Self Wash

Let’s be honest, our dogs can get into some really stinky situations. From rolling in whatever that “dead thing” is in the backyard to picking fights with the occasional mud puddle, they’re all about getting dirty.

While it’s great to wash your dog so their coats smell and look amazing, it’s also important to keep the sensitive skin underneath clean and clear. Check out our Dog Bathing and Self Wash Services!

Dog Bathing

Hair Dry

Nail Cut

Fleas Free

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Dog Walking

Dog Day Getaway in Apple Valley now offers Dog Walking to it’s many list of pet services

Dog Playgroups

Just like humans, dogs love social interaction. With it, they can become more confident in themselves, with other dogs, and even with you. And when you come enjoy these experiences with your little furry friend, you form stronger, longer-lasting bonds.

Join a Dog Day Getaway Dog Playgroups and you’ll really get to see your dog’s personality expand and grow!

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

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Event Room Rental

Dog Day Getaway is ideal for holding a meet-up, class, ceremony or special event. Our DDG Event Room Rental Space is approximately 800 sq ft and can be equipped with several tables and chairs. DDG can accommodate your groups needs and is a convenient, peaceful location right here in Apple Valley.

The Event Room is perfect for an intimate gathering, dog meetups, group meetups, school functions, girl/boy/cub scouts meetings or any social or business function you may have. Why meet downtown to fight for parking and the crowds? Our Apple Valley event room offers enough space to host your group meeting and affords enough free parking in our private lot.

98%   Program is about to close up.

Holiday “Peak” Pricing

Holiday week/weekends (Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s), the entire month of March, and MEA Week (in October).