Break out the Bubbles, We’re Going In!

Let’s be honest, our dogs can get into some really stinky situations. From rolling in whatever that “dead thing” is in the backyard to picking fights with the occasional mud puddle, they’re all about getting dirty. And while it’s great to clean them up so their coats smell and look amazing, it’s also important to keep the sensitive skin underneath clean and clear. Check out our Dog Bathing and Self Wash Services!dog bathing apple valley mn

Two Distinct Dog Bathing Options

Dog Day Getaway offers two bathing solutions to fit your level of interaction: dog bathing full-service and dog bathing self-service.

Our full-service dog bathing is so inclusive, you might want to sign up yourself! When you bring your dog for a bath, our caring and dedicated staff will scrub behind their ears and in-between their toes, and then finish off with the works; brush out, blow dry, ear and eye cleaning, and a nail trim.

dog grooming nail trim apple valley mn


Under 20 lbs. $30
21 – 40 lbs. $35
41 – 80 lbs. $40
Over 81 lbs. $45
Frontline Flea and Tick Plus $16
Nail Trim $12

With our self-service dog bathing option, you can utilize any of our self-wash stations where you’ll be in full control of the suds! We offer raised tubs, which makes the job easier on the back, as well keep things at hand while washing your dog. You’re more than welcome to use our brand name Furminators, brushes, shampoo products, heavy-duty blow dryers, grooming tools and fresh towels. We also give you an apron so you can at least try to stay dry – completely dog dependent!

Self Bathing Dog Wash Apple Valley


Under 15 lbs. $10
16 – 40 lbs. $15
Over 41 lbs. $20

Self-Wash Rules:

  • Last self-wash appointment is 1 hour prior to closing time.
  • All dogs are required to be on a leash or in your arms at all times, no exceptions, you are responsible to supervise own pet.
  • No dogs with fleas or tick infestation allowed.
  • If your dog is showing signs of illness like coughing, sneezing, diarrhea or any other concerning symptoms, DDG would like you to keep your dog at home for the safety of the entire facility.
  • No skunk clean up.
  • All dogs must be current on all facility required vaccines and provide proof of vaccination.
  • No aggressive or disruptive dogs, we want all clients to enjoy the self-wash area, no barkers or dogs that do not get along with others.
  • Accidents happen, if you make one please let us know immediately so we can clean it up.
  • All children under age of 13 are to be accompanied by an adult and under the adults direct supervision at all times, children are not to roam freely and are your responsibility to supervise.
  • Dog Bathing and nail trimming is at your own risk!
  • Dogs in raised tubs must be secured with tie downs provided at all times.
  • Dog Grooming tables are only for use for dogs 30lbs and under; dogs must be secured and never left unattended.

For more information about the self dog wash process, please speak to one a DDG staff member or visit the ASPCA dog grooming tips. We look forward to welcoming you into our dog washing facility and we know that your pup will love being here and spending time with our trainers and all of the other pups.

To maximize your time and your pet’s experience, in addition to our dog bathing and self-wash services, we offer dog daycare services so you drop them off to play and pick them up later all clean and fresh!


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