Sweet Potato Treats

Sweet Potato Dog Treats Recipe

It’s that time of year when the Sweet Potato starts to come up in recipe sites and of course, in your social media feeds (whether you searched for them or not). The sweet potato, while delicious is not everyone’s favorite. Now then, there are a few variations of this sweet potato dog treat recipe, and…


Can Dogs Eat Carob?

A chocolate substitution, safe for dogs… is Carob! We all want to share our treats with our dogs, but we also know that some treats aren’t good for dogs, like chocolate, but there is a safe alternative and thats Carob. So, what is carob and how can you introduce it to your dog? DDG is…

Oatmeal and Beets Dog Treats

Oatmeal and Beet Treats

This is a play on the two ingredient dog treat with a Fall twist. The taste and colour of beets make these treats a beautiful burgundy color and of course are a healthy treat for your dog. Takes only minutes to make so let’s get to it!