DDG’s staff is always patient, gracious and kind

I bring my dog to DDG for boarding whenever I go on vacation, and I absolutely love the place!

To stay there or participate in daycare, dogs have to pass a (free) 4-hour “orientation,” where they assess temperament. I took advantage of the time to go to the zoo nearby. This process makes sure that grouchy and aggressive dogs don’t get in to bother your dog during group play.

When boarding, dogs get their own little rooms with raised beds. They sleep there from 8 PM to 8AM. During the day, they’re let out into group play with the daycare dogs and other boarding dogs in one of their sizable playrooms. They have a general playroom, a small dog playroom for little pups who get overwhelmed, and a living-room-styled “quiet room” for old or overstimulated dogs. The playroom is always busy with daycare and boarding dogs, so your dog will always have lots of friends to play with. Dogs are fed separately according to the measurements and feeding schedule you give at dropoff.

Once you’ve brought your dogs to DDG once, you are allowed to make daycare and boarding reservations online. All you have to do is fill out the form with the days and times. They send you a confirmation, and then it only takes a moment to drop your dog off with her stuff. You can watch your dog play on your phone or laptop using their live webcams on their website.

I have a very active, yappy little sheltie/corgi mix, and she loves this place – she gets super excited when we pull into the parking lot, and she is always exhausted from playing when I come to pick her up. I know from experience at home that she can get pretty obnoxious at times, but the staff is always patient, gracious and kind with her.

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