5 Benefits of Dog Boarding

Worried about leaving your pup during travel? Not to worry! Dog boarding provides a dependable and secure solution. Rest assured your pup is in good care. Get going to discover the five advantages of dog boarding now!

Introduction To Dog Boarding 

Is it time to try out dog boarding? With a dependable kennel or pet caretaker, your pup will get love, exercise, and companionship away from home. It’s an ideal choice, plus it has some great benefits for you and your furry friend!

Here are five advantages that could have you booking a stay soon!

  1. Your pup will get plenty of exercise and socialization.
  2. The facility is designed to keep your pup safe and secure.
  3. Your pup will be monitored by trained professionals.
  4. Your pup will receive personalized care and attention.
  5. You will have peace of mind knowing your pup is in a safe and loving environment.

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a growing trend for pet-owners while away. It’s a secure alternative to leaving your pup with family, friends or neighbors. Boarding facilities provide personalized care, exercise and playtime with other furry pals.

For those seeking attentive care for their pooch, dog boarding is the go-to. It eliminates the worry of leaving your pet alone or in unfamiliar hands. Professionally trained staff are on-hand to meet every pup’s individual needs.

  • Meals, walks, potty breaks, playtime and bathing services are all in one place.
  • Many facilities offer additional activities such as swimming pools, dog walks and individual playtime to keep your pup entertained.
  • A good facility will also offer your pup some extra special treats to help alleviate some of the guilt of leaving them behind. Who has time to miss mom & dad while they’re eating bacon flavored ice cream?!
  • Good quality dog boarding facilities also provide medical attention if or when needed, which isn’t always possible when left at home.
  • Most importantly, dog boarding gives owners peace of mind that their dog is having fun and is in safe hands! And if you find the right place, you will be able to watch your pup from the live webcams and see it for your own eyes! 

Benefits of Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is a convenient and stress-free choice for pet owners who are away for an extended period of time. It not only gives your pup a safe and loving home, but also provides many advantages. Here are five benefits of dog boarding:

  1. Reliable Supervision – Professional staff members are available around the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of all boarders. They give individualized attention and care, aiming to give the best boarding experience.
  2. Socialization – Dog boarding provides your dog with the chance to socialize in a controlled setting. This helps them learn better behaviors and become more confident around other animals.
  3. Individual Activities – Boarding facilities provide activities and services tailored to each pup’s needs and personality. These include one on one play sessions, spa treatments, enrichment activities, and walks in the fresh air.
  4. Quality Meals – Professional facilities offer high-quality food at an additional cost if needed. But any good dog owner knows that sticking to their pet’s regular diet is the best thing for them. So beware of facilities that try to convince you otherwise.  
  5. Flexible Scheduling – Whether you need coverage for a short weekend or a month long trip, there’s a solution at most dog boarding facilities. This tends to be a lot easier than imposing on a friend or relative. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Boarding Facility

When searching for a place to board your pup, you want to make sure it’s safe and secure. With so many choices out there, it can be tough to pick one. Here are tips for selecting a dog boarding facility:

  1. Read reviews. Look up online reviews of the dog boarding facilities in your area. Try to ignore the obvious keyboard warriors – you know who they are. Go with one that seems to offer high quality services, has a great reputation, and good customer service ratings.
  2. Location helps. Most people want to leave their pet close to home but quality is more important in the end. If driving a few extra miles gives you peace of mind – it’s well worth it!
  3. Check fees and accommodations. Factor in all the fees, like daycare playtime, bathing, medication charges, pick up & drop off rules. Some facilities charge for every single extra and others include most in their pricing. You want to travel Spirit Airlines or Delta Airlines?!  Also, consider the kennel size for each guest. You want your pup to feel comfortable and safe.
  4. Get to know the place. Meet the staff. Before enrolling, meet the staff to get an idea of who will be caring for your pup. Ask about their qualifications and experience. It’s always a good sign if a facility has long term employees working there. In an industry with high turn over, this speaks volumes. 
  5. Tour the facility. How clean and well kept is it? Does it smell like dog? That’s ok! That can’t be avoided sometimes but make sure it’s not for lack of effort. 
  6. Emergency plan. Find out what kind of emergency plan the facility has if something happens  at the facility or with your pup while you are away.  Knowing this ahead of time can bring peace-of-mind.

Cost of Dog Boarding

Dog boarding may seem expensive, but it can be rewarding. Depending on the type of service and facility, prices can range from $35 to over a hundred dollars a day.

The main benefits of dog boarding are: mental stimulation, regular exercise, socialization and stress relief for the owner. Plus, your house stays clean!

Most dog boarding facilities require proof of current vaccinations. It’s a red flag if they don’t. Your pet’s needs will be taken care of with food, water, emergency services, vet checks (if needed), bathing services, and any special needs. Safety regulations will be followed, and your pet will be returned healthy and happy.

Most dog boarding facilities have comfy beds, outdoor play areas, and extra features to make your dog wish he could stay longer!

Think about the benefits and cost when deciding if a dog boarding facility is right for you. It could save money in the long run.


In conclusion, dog boarding is a great choice for pet owners who need to be away for a long time. No need to worry about their safety, as the environment is safe and secure.

Moreover, if your pet requires special care, the professional staff at the facility will give the best care possible.

Furthermore, dog boarding comes with great services such as socialization and playing with other pets that you can’t get at home. The structured environment helps prevents boredom and bad behavior.

In addition, it’s lots of fun for your pup!  With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why dog boarding is popular among busy pet owners.