Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Dog Day Getaway FAQ page! Here, we've compiled answers to our most commonly asked questions about our facility, services, and canine care. Whether you're curious about our play areas, boarding policies, or health and safety protocols, we've got you covered. Dive in to ensure your furry friend gets the best experience possible with us.

Yes! Reservations can be made in person, over the phone, email or ideally, through the Gingr client portal on our website

The sooner the better is always advised. We are full for major holidays a couple of months in advance usually.

Daycare dogs can be dropped off & picked up anytime during our business hours.
Boarding dogs must be dropped off at least 2 hours prior to close. Pick up can be anytime during our business hours.

Yes! Dogs have access to our outdoor area all the time while in the playroom. There are times during extreme weather that we manage potty breaks for safety.

Some puppies will find this environment confusing & may have an accident or 2 at home after their first visit. This should resolve itself quickly. Being in a daycare setting can also be highly beneficial for potty training as the dogs can learn from one another.

Yes, as long as they are able to. If they are required to be separated, the multiple dog discount is no longer applicable.

We provide a raised Kuranda bed, fleece blanket as well as food & water dishes. We recommend bringing their own food, any necessary medications (we administer these for free!), blankets, toys & treats to make their stay more comfortable. No dog beds or bowls please (slow feeders accepted). Individual meals pre-packaged are appreciated but not necessary. An appropriately sized container is perfectly acceptable. We do allow raw diets.

Please note that it is extremely common for dogs not to eat well when their routine changes. High energy dogs might require a little extra food for a longer stay. Packing extra food or wet food (to entice eating) is recommended.

No, there are no staff in the building from about 8:30pm until 6am – while the dogs are in their rooms. This is similar to a night at home or the time spent alone during a typical workday. We have an alarm system, motion detectors, hot & cold sensors for temperature control, sprinkler system and have a direct link to police & fire. The owners & General Manager live within a few miles.

For the safety of the other dogs, we cannot allow sick dogs to come to the facility. Vomiting, lethargy, coughing, diarrhea are all signs that a dog might not be feeling well. Please keep them home. If your dog develops symptoms while staying with us, you will be contacted to come pick your dog up.

The Bordetella vaccine is NOT full proof. It is much like the Flu vaccine in humans. It covers common strains & tends to lessen symptoms but dogs are still susceptible to the virus. This particular virus is also contagious for several days before symptoms begin. Therefore, dogs could be at DDG & contagious without us knowing. No different than kids at school, there are risks of illness in a socialized environment. We do have commercial ventilation systems that helps clean our air year-round. Please keep in mind that dog parks, pet stores, vet clinics & other daycares are all areas of high exposure to germs.

There are always risks when dogs are interactive. In just play, teeth & nails are used and can result in small injuries. These are quite common in heavy players. If an emergency arises, we will seek immediate medical attention for your dog and call you right away. We always ask that you have someone local that can care for your pet in an emergency.

At DDG, we do not accept dogs wearing electric fence collars, shock or bark collars, airtags or the like as well as silicone dog tags. We have no way to ensure another dog doesn’t chew on or destroy these items while at play. If by chance we don’t notice at drop off that a dog is wearing one, we are not responsible for the item should it get lost or damaged.

We require a quick release collar that can easily be released if needed as we have found this to be the safest for play.  If you do not own this style of collar, you can purchase one here at DDG for only $8.00.  

We are happy to administer meds, for free, if your dog requires them. This includes insulin (see staff for specific details regarding insulin). Please bring the medications in the original bottle with clear and current instructions noted.  We encourage you to bring pill pockets or something similar for administration. We do charge an additional $2.00 fee per administration only if nothing is provided but needed and/or your dog is considerably difficult to administer medication to.

Click Here! No login is required to view our webcams. They are visible from any computer or smart device. If you are having trouble viewing them from your place of employment, there may be a firewall on that end prohibiting it.  

Although we have 12 cameras to view the facility there are areas that the webcams don’t cover. If you cannot find your dog they may just be hiding in a blind spot.  Additional reasons you may not see your dog might be that they could be pulled out for feedings, baths, walks, treats, mid-day breaks or a timeout. 

No, we do not offer grooming or grooming services but we can get your dog all cleaned up & smelling fresh after a day of rolling around with their friends! Please see our Bathing & Self Wash page for details.

We require a 50% deposit, per dog, for all Holiday Boarding stays. This includes all major holidays as well as MEA and Spring Break, including the entire month of March.  All Holiday Boarding requires a cancellation period of at least 7 days prior to the first day of your stay for a full refund.  If the stay is cancelled after the 7 days, the deposit will be forfeited & there are no refunds.

There are no required deposits or cancellation fees for non-holiday boarding stays or for daycare visits.

If your dog needs medical attention while in our care, we will contact you first to discuss the situation and the best options.  We require all clients to have a local emergency contact on file in the event you cannot be reached. If the situation is emergent or we are unable to reach you, we will seek medical intervention & make decisions in the best interest of your dog.

If you require DDG to transport your pup to the vet, there is a $35.00/hour charge.

Our lobby is only closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas day. We do not offer Daycare services, Self Wash nor any Boarding drop offs/pick-ups on these days. However, we are fully staffed to care for the dogs in our care 365 days a year. Please be respectful to our hardworking staff on these holidays & refrain from asking for special exceptions to these rules. As a policy, we do not make any.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough) prior to attending. We strongly encourage, but do not currently require, the Influenza vaccine as well. Fully vaccinated includes all boosters. This typically is complete at 16 weeks of age. Dogs over the age of 7 months are required to be spayed or neutered, have a knowledge of basic commands, including their name.  Must be social and friendly with other dogs and people. Their humans need to have scheduled the free but required orientation & register as a new customer on our website. Click Here to get started.

We are more than happy to show you around our amazing digs! We love to show them off. We do require tours be scheduled in advance. We offer tours, 7 days a week from 10am-3pm.

Just give us a call!

An orientation is a free trial day for your dog so we can ensure this type of environment is a good fit for them. Your pup will be slowly introduced into our group of dogs & then remain in our playroom for the day. We will closely monitor how they are doing and be sure to provide lots of encouragement for anyone with first day jitters! 

We ask that your dog stays with us for at least four hours on this day but if they are doing well, you are welcome to leave them longer. Please keep in mind that many dogs need more than an initial visit to feel comfortable in this environment. We find that most dogs start to feel most confident around 3-5 visits as they really start to get to know the facility & our staff.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella.  We will accept a titer test for Distemper and Bordetella but not for Rabies.  The Canine influenza vaccine is strong recommended but currently not required.

A flea & tick as well as heartworm preventive is highly recommended.

If your dog normally eats lunch at home or is still a puppy, we are happy to accommodate this but don’t encourage it. If lunch is necessary, please bring your dog’s food in a labeled container. 

We do not offer early drop off or late pick up options. However, if dogs are not picked up before we close the dog will be boarded overnight and can be picked up the following day. All additional fees will be applied.

Our playroom in divided into two groups. The larger playroom is for the higher energy dogs. They tend to play harder & be younger in age and they need more room to run!

The smaller playroom is for calmer & more low-key group. These dogs can often be smaller & generally an older crowd.

We select the playroom we find most appropriate based upon your dog’s play style, age and temperament. Therefore, you will see dogs of all sizes in both groups. Some dogs even utilize both playrooms throughout the day if they are a good fit for both groups. 

At our facility, we’re not just playing around when it comes to cleanliness and fun! Wondering why your dog might come home smelling like a day’s worth of doggy adventures? Here’s the scoop: we have a top-notch air circulation system that keeps the air fresh and clean. Our secret weapon? Our outdoor area is cleverly plumbed underneath the artificial turf, directly connecting to the city sewer. This means we can really wash away the dirt and not just shuffle it under the carpet, so to speak! We use industry-grade cleaning products to ensure every nook and cranny is sanitized, and our industrial floor cleaners run daily to maintain our high cleanliness standards. If your furry friend smells a bit like “eau de dog” after a fun day with us, it’s just a badge of a great time, romping around with pals. But don’t worry, we give every dog a quick wipe down at the end of the day. And, you can swing by our DIY Dog Spa for a little extra spruce-up on your way out. We like to think we tackle the fun and funk of doggy playtime, so every sniff at home brings back happy memories!

Client Expectations at Dog Day Getaway

Welcome to the DDG family! We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you and your furry companion. Building a lasting bond with our clients and their dogs is at the heart of what we do. To ensure the most fulfilling experience, here are a few key expectations to guide our relationship:

  1. Building a Relationship: Our commitment to your dog goes beyond a mere transaction. We strive to forge a lasting connection, which hinges on consistent communication and dedication from both sides. The better we know you and your dog, the more personalized our service becomes.
  2. Embracing Imperfection: Handling live animals is complex, and mistakes can happen. When they do, we promise transparency and a commitment to learning and improvement. We value your patience and understanding as we navigate these moments together.
  3. Valuing Quality over Cost: Exceptional care comes with a price. Our emphasis is on offering top-notch service facilitated by a highly skilled staff, modern facility, and current technology. We continually reinvest in enhancing both the client and dog experience, ensuring that we never compromise on quality in favor of cost.
Your trust is invaluable to us, and we promise to uphold these standards with every interaction.

At DDG, We do not allow choke collars, martingales, buckle collars, etc. as these styles are not safe for play. If you do not own this style of collar, you can purchase one here at DDG for only $8.00.

At DDG, We do not allow choke collars, martingales, buckle collars, etc. as these styles are not safe for play. If you do not own this style of collar, you can purchase one here at DDG for only $8.00.
At DDG, We do not allow choke collars, martingales, buckle collars, etc. as these styles are not safe for play. If you do not own this style of collar, you can purchase one here at DDG for only $8.00.