5 Summer Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

The say everything with moderation, this includes what you feed your pets this summer. Sure, there are going to be barbecues, picnics and other family get-togethers where you’ll need to be mindful on the amount of food people will give your dog. But you also need to watch why kinds of foods they’ll be given as treats. If your dog is a little beggar like mine, you are going to be on treat-guard duty all summer. Let’s dig in to what 5 summer foods you need to watch for this summer…

First and foremost, if you believe your dog is ill and has eaten something they should not have, call either of these numbers and please visit your vet:


Summer Foods You Never Want to Give Your Dog

  1. Raisins/Grapes: We all know that grapes are bad for our pets. But kids really don’t know or get it that their dogs shouldn’t have grapes or raisins. So while its a fun food for kids, let them know they aren’t good for your dog. Grapes and raisins are incredibly toxic to dogs and can quickly experience vomiting and possibly kidney failure.
  2. Bacon: It’s sad isn’t it? Everyone loves bacon, but we know it isn’t really good for us, neither is it good for your dog. While bacon might be tasty in moderation; this is still a fatty, salty food that may cause pancreatitis.
  3. Bones: True, dogs love bones. They love to chew them and break them down. The problem with the bones (roasted, barbecued or grilled) which humans discard (chicken, ribs, steak) will easily splinter due to being cooked through and can be harmful to your dogs’ stomach and intestines.
  4. Ice Cream: Dogs simply don’t digest dairy very well. Nor the loads of sugar associated with ice cream. As wll, some of the ice creams made these days are highly processed and contain more chemicals to preserve the product rather than whole ingredients. Best to freeze some berry’s or give them Yogurt treats.
  5. Alcohol: This should be a no-brainer as many animals die every year from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol has the same effect on dogs as it does humans. But alcohol does a real number on dogs causing them diarrhea, vomiting and/or breathing problems.

Here is a larger list of foods dogs shouldn’t eat this summer, or ever:

Along with the top five foods listed above, we’ve included this infographic by Lili Chin for the ASPCA:

Table Scraps and Foods that dogs cant eat

Table Scraps and Foods that dogs cant eat

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