Congratulations to Athena and Amore Crowned January 2024 Dogs of the Month

Athena and Amore German Shepherds We have two beautiful German Shepherds to add to our list of DOTM, congrats to Athena and Amoré!

Athena and Amoré are the first Dogs of the Month for 2024!

  • What are your dog’s names? Athena & Mi Amoré
  • How did you pick their names? Athena is named after a Greek goddess, Amoré is my love after loosing my husband
  • When are their birthdays? 4/30/2020- Athena 12/20/2021 Amoré
  • What breed are they? German Shepherd
  • Do they have any nicknames? Athena, Tina, snookers, baby girl Amoré crackhead baby, pudding’ head, mookie
  • What are their favorite places to be scratched? Athena just above tail Amoré chest
  • If they could eat any human food, what would it be? Athena potato chips & chicken Amoré anything but lettuce
  • What are they most afraid of? Athena e-collar buzz sound Amoré nothing
  • If they had a profession, what would it be? Athena CEO as she is a type A personality Amoré TikTok influencer
  • If they drove a car, what would they drive? Athena minivan full of kids Amoré Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+
  • Do they prefer Mama or a bigger fan of Dad? Mamas girls but Auntie Delaney is a close second
  • What’s the naughtiest thing they dog have ever done? Athena ate chicken bones Amoré stole a raw chicken breast off the counter
  • Do they prefer the floor, dog bed, couch or all of the above? Athena all of the above Amoré mamas bed and floor
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with them? Athena long walks & playing herding ball & laser, Amoré chuck it & herding ball
  • What’s a day in the life of Athena and Amore like? Athena & Amoré wake up barking, lay down, wake up barking, eat, potty, go to DDG, stalk Linnea, come home, sleep, eat, bark at nothing 10,000 times, potty, bed
  • Describe them in 3 words? Athena loyal, protective & happy Amoré energy, loving & loud
  • Do they prefer chicken or a steak? Athena Chicken but she’s allergic and Amoré both
  • Do they prefer a walk or a swim? Attacking a water hose
  • What is their favorite toy? Athena herding ball Amoré tossing chuck it balls
  • Do they prefer a good snuggle or an energetic wrestle session? Both loves snuggling their mammas but also wrestling each other
  • What is one thing you would change about them? Athena be kinder to her lil’ sister and Amoré be allergy free
  • Who is their best friend? Athena Linnea, Amoré neighbor dog Ellie
  • What word or phrase do you say to them most often? Athena & Amoré STOP BARKING AT NOTHING
  • What is their favorite thing about DDG? Athena Linnea Amoré puppy play outside
  • What is YOUR favorite thing about DDG? Knowing we are leaving our girls with people who care and love them as much as we do!!!
  • Please tell us anything else about your dogs that you would like us to know! They LOVE LOVE LOVE coming to DDG and start barking as soon as we turn off Pilot Knob toward the building.

Athena and Amore German Shepherds Athena and Amore

Dog Day Getaway’s Dog of the Month photography is brought to you by Kasey and Tyler Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52/Twelve:52 Pets. They have 5 rescue pups of their own – (all fittingly named after Marvel comic book characters) – who also love coming to DDG. So, chances are your furkid(s) and theirs have played together! This is their 11th year documenting wagging tails, nose boops, and slobbery puppy kisses – and when they aren’t doing that they are photographing weddings and families.