August 2020 Dog of the Month is Arty

  This is the DDG August Dog of the month Arty. what makes Arty even more special is he is our first DOTM back post our Covid 2020 shutdown.  Makes us even happier to see him and his friends! Say Hi to this handsome boy when you’re at the DDG doggy daycare facility!

Let’s Find Out More About Arty:

What is your dogs name? Arty
When is Artys birthday? June 1st 2016
What is your breed? Pitbull Mastiff Mix
Do you have any nicknames for him? Artichoke, Articat, Art and Squashy
Who named him and how did they choose the name? Arty was our foster dog and came to us as Artemis, we shortened it to Arty when we decided to adopt him.
What is the strangest thing Arty has eaten? He really doesn’t get into much, but does like to eat his own poop in the winter

Well who can blame Arty?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good poopcicle every now and then? LOL! No worries Arty you aren’t the only one; let’s find out more:

  • Does he have a favorite place to be scratched? His neck or his butt
  • What about a favorite toy? He has a stuffed rabbit that came with him from the rescue years ago
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be? Hot dogs or a DQ pup cup
  • What is he most afraid of? Any loud noises but the worst are of course fireworks, then thunder and the weed whip
  • What is the one word you hear most from your parents? No Barking! we have a baby and Arty loves to bark, so he hears us trying to convince him to stop barking a lot
  • Does Arty have a best friend? Of course, his dog cousin Bailey
  • How about dog parks? We don’t hang out at dog parks but get in lots of walks and likes to spend time with his doggy friends at DDG
  • Who shares a house with Arty? Parents Adam and Mackenzie and baby brother Atlas
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has done? We cant think of anything
  • Where did Arty come from? Secondhand Hounds Rescue
  • Does he have a most embarrassing moment? When he gets really excited or nervous he drools a lot and then will aggressively shake his head resulting in anyone near him getting covered in his drool.

As always a huge shout out to your Dog of the Month Photographer KME Photography She is a wonderful pet photographer is a pleasure to work with.