Calvin is our September 2019 DOTM

Calvin has been with us a very long time and is dearly loved by all staff, we love that he is finally our #DOTM.  The team at Dog Day Getaway couldn’t be happier!

Let’s Find Out More About Calvin!

  • What is your dogs name? Calvin Hamann
  • When is his birthday? August 8th of 2008
  • What is his breed? He is a mini Dachshund
  • Do you have any nicknames for Calvin? Calvy, Vinney, Calvinator
  • Who picked his name? How or why did they choose it? We created a list and chose a name from it
  • What is the strangest thing you have eaten? A french fries, frog and a toad
  • Does he have a favorite place to be scratched? Along his spine
  • Does he have a favorite toy? He loves mini tennis balls
  • If he could eat any human food what would he choose? Peanut butter
  • What is Calvin most afraid of? Thunderstorms
  • What is the one thing you say or word you use most with him? Stop or in your chair
  • Does he have a best friend? His dad Stan
  • Does he have a dog park he hangs out at? You can see him over at Ritter park
  • Who does he share his house with? Stan and Debra his mom and dad
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has done? He chewed the corner off one of our end tables
  • Where did you get Calvin from? Bone Lake WI
  • Does he have a most embarrassing moment? His dad is always having to cover his wiener up

We are lucky enough to be working with a wonderful photographer that does not only dogs but families.  You can see more of her work and get information on her atKME Photography.