Congratulations to Bean our February 2022 dog of the month


Say Hello to Bean! a gorgeous lady Boxer with the personality to go with it.

Introducing Bean! Lets find out more about this gorgeous February DOTM gal!

  • Name: Bean, commonly referred to as “Beans, Beansie girl, wiggle butt, or Beaner”
  • Why “Bean”?: The first picture I every saw of Bean as a puppy she was curled up into a little
    ball sleeping, like a little bean.
  • Breed: Boxer
  • Favorite place to be scratched: BELLY RUBS. Bean loves her belly rubbed. If you’re sitting down, she will come right by your knee and keep nudging it.. aka: scratch my belly, dude.
  • Favorite Toy: Alejandro The Alligator, I think he has 2 legs left? For some reason bean won’t let me throw this thing away.
  • Human Food: That is a toss up between chicken and cottage cheese. I think if she had to choose it would be chicken. Rotisserie chicken to be exact.
  • Most afraid of: Smoke detector beeping for new batteries, which maybe this is a good thing.. it helps me keep my smoke detectors up to date ????
  • If she drove a car: it would be a TACO TRUCK.
  • Who is her fav human in the house: Mom is Bean’s favorite
  • What is her favorite passive activity: Sun bathing & trying to be really intimidating to other dogs (who is she fooling???)
  • What’s a day on the life like for her: Day in the life of Bean; wake up too early to drink water, skip breakfast, go outside for a potty break, take a nap and dream about playing with other dogs. Have a little lunch, get the Zoomies and throw socks everywhere.. another little nap.. then ready for some dinner and a run before bed time!
  • Naughtiest thing bean has ever done Chewed up my moms new LoveSac. Then tried to hide in the fluff so I wouldn’t find her. (if you’re wondering, we have not purchased another loveSac since :)))))))
  • Favorite Mom & Bean activities: Long runs, driving to the local Dunn Bros for a Pup Cup, playing fetch in the kitchen with a sock.
  • Bean in 3 words: charmer, needy, mama’s girl

Dog Day Getaway’s Dog of the Month photography is brought to you by Kasey and Tyler Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52/Twelve:52 Pets. They have 5 rescue pups of their own – (all fittingly named after Marvel comic book characters) – who also love coming to DDG. So, chances are your furkid(s) and theirs have played together! This is their 11th year documenting wagging tails, nose boops, and slobbery puppy kisses – and when they aren’t doing that they are photographing weddings and families.