Cosmo is the DDG February 2020 Dog of the Month

The Dog Day Getaway “Dog of the Month” is this handsome boy, Cosmo!

Cosmo – The DDG Dog of the Month February 2020. Let’s find out more about Cosmo

  • What is you Dogs Name? Cosmo Boldan
  • When is his birthday?  11/27/16
  • What is his breed?  He is a Pitsky
  • Do you have any nicknames for him?  We call him Cos, Bubba, Cosymodo and Shadow
  • Who picked his name and how did they pick it?  Cosmos new owners when they got him, Raina and Ethan. Cosmo, like the Cosmos because he is out of this world!
  • What is the strangest thing he has eaten?  The bathroom garbage
  • What is his favorite place to be scratched? He loves behind his ears
  • Does he have a favorite toy?  He loves other dogs tennis balls
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be? Broccoli is his favorite!
  • What is he most afraid of?   Being alone
  • What is the one word you hear most from your parents?  Bed
  • Who is his best friend?  His cousin Honey
  • What dog park can we see Cosmo at?  Alimagnet Dog Park
  • Who does he share his home with?  His owners Raina and Ethan and his older sister Kymmi the cat
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has ever done? He broke out of 2 different kennels and destroyed an entire basement, ripped up the carpet in a bedroom down to the floorboards and tried to eat through a solid wooden door.
  • Where did Cosmo come from? The Kandiyohi Humane Society
  • Does he have a most embarrassing moment? Probably getting caught eating the cats food.

A huge thank you and shout out to our most amazing photographer KME Photography who works with both pets and family and is amazing to work with.