Do You Really Know Your Dog?

Dogs will thrive in a positive interaction and animals are very social. These breeds have been preserved and improved over the years. The result is a breed that is deeply rooted in the respectful relationship between humans and dogs. Therefore, a respectful relationship between the animal and the pet owner is the most important factor. Therefore, a good relationship between a dog and a human is based on trust and respect.

How to really know your dog, it’s like, dislikes and best way to train

In such a relationship the dog is guided and not pushed to understanding himself naturally. By doing this, a pet owner is committing themself into truly understanding who the dog species really is. This is first developed by understanding the dog and its history.

Within a dogs pack are its inner circle of friends. This consists of both human, the pet owner and family, and dogs, either friend or sibling. We know this because all dogs are derived from the wolf, who are social-pack animals. By understanding and studying the wolf, we gain a deeper knowledge of the dog’s human relationship; where the canine views those humans he lives with as pack members. By recognizing and understanding this simple yet crucial fact you now understand and know 95% more about the true dog than the average pet owner. This will lead to the best possible training of a puppy through the inclusion of the dog in the pack and naturally developing a pecking order with your dog.

What about the alpha dog? Is this for real or is it another dog myth? By all scientific documentation the alpha male is for real and is a common fact. All wolf packs have an alpha male that can be seen as the head boss. They can take on single or multiple roles depending on each pack that can be: leadership, settling fights between pack members, dictator, etc… All other wolves look to the alpha male dog for leadership and guidance and therefore create a stable “family pack relationship.” If you’ve got a dog who hasn’t be trained properly and is the alpha of your house a change is needed. There should be no question in your dog’s mind that you are the alpha and he is the subordinate. You must present yourself as a leader starting with the first impression.

When dealing with your dog, an enormous amount of communication is sent through body language. One important way alphas command respect is with authority in their eye contact. Gentle looks will signify acceptance and stern dominant expressions will demand respect and compliance. This is done through various training techniques to aid the dog in establishing and making eye contact with its owner. Training in general should start the day the little puppy enters the world.

Dog training should be a complete life experience for the dog focusing on the big picture and the human dog relationship. This is different than the basic sit, roll over, shake, stay and find commands and requires much more than breaking a dog through disciplinary actions and reward systems. When the inner pack relationship is established between owner and dog, an unbreakable and non-duplicated bond is formed. This bond is not done justice with words but is known by many pet owners throughout our world.