Everything You Wanted to Know About In-ground Disposals

With cooler weather on the way, it may be time to consider an easy disposal method for cleaning your yard of dog waste. What DDG has found is the In-Ground Disposal; a simple item helping to keep your yard free from dog waste, saving you time on cleanup and disposal, plus saving on bags (if you use them). We believe this method is going to be a big hit for the person who has to clean the yard!

What is an In-Ground Disposal?

An in-ground disposal is essentially a compost hole for dog waste. It breaks down dog waste much like a composting system, yet often, some systems may use chemical tablets and water to help break down and leach out. What you’ll see at most hardware stores that carry them, or even on Amazon, is a lid system. There is no bucket to catch anything. You’re simply buying a lid and often a boxed sidewall system. If you didn’t want to spend the money on the disposal system, you could easily make your own. Although, based on our winters, you’ll need to keep in min dthat there is going to be more digging involved than usual.

How Does an In-Ground Disposal Work?

During your yard cleanup with your pooper scooper of choice, you’ll simply drop the dog waste into the chute. Nothing can be simpler and faster for yard cleanup.

How to build your own in ground dog waste disposal:

Due to our much colder weather during winter, it’s best to go a bit overboard when digging the hole for the disposal. While some manufacturers suggest digging a 48″ hole, we feel digging down 72″ is about the right spot to keep any water from freezing thoroughly. And of course the best way to dig this is with an auger of some type. Much like a fence post digger. These tools can be rented at any tool rental facility in the city.

Once you have your hole dug, add in a few inches of 3/4″ crushed gravel and then you simply add the cover. Done. You might need to apply some chemicals to get the break down process started. These are also available at most hardware stores and online.

Getting your yard prepared for spring and summer would make an ideal start to the season when it comes to clearing dog waste from the yard. An in-ground dog waste disposal system may must be the key to faster cleanup without the expense of hiring a dog waste cleaning service.