Halloween Costumes For Dogs

What makes a great dog Halloween costume? Is it fit, function, price or combination of all three? Let’s dig into Halloween costumes for dogs.

What Makes a Good Dog Halloween Costume?

The ability to make you laugh with joy, or just laugh and hope your dog has a good time is always priceless. When it comes to your dog enjoying the outfit, that’s another story. We know some dogs who won’t even wear a collar; and getting them into a costume, booties or a winter coat is a real struggle.

The Best Fit for Your Dog

You really have to size your dog properly and to know the manufacturer location,. Some sizes do not fit all, so its a good idea to buy your dog costume in September just in case you have to send it back for a different size.

Another thing to take into consideration is how it looks on your dog. Most costumes look fantastic on some breeds, and others simply fail. Example: The lion face costume doesn’t look that great on dogs with short hair, it’s just the way it is. So consider something more fun, like a pirate outfit or other type or personality.

Dog Costume Sizing:

Being doubly sure that the size of the dog costume will fit your pooch, consider going 1 size up. Most costumes are mad in other countries where quality control for pet products are not often monitored. While it may say “Large” on the costume, it will probably be midway between medium and large. Manufacturers in other countries do save on costs of material when claiming a larger size leaving the returns to the drop-shipper. So, adjust accordingly and order the next size up – you’ll save yourself time and frustration on getting a perfect fitting dog costume.

Speaking of Halloween costumes… did you know that DDG will be hosting a Halloween event in our facility? Just bring your costumed pooch to Dog Day Getaway and get their picture taken at our Halloween 2019 backdrop! Pictures will be coming soon and posted right here, so check back! We’ll also be posting some of the pictures of our costumed dogs on the Dog Day Getaway Facebook page; so be sure you’re subscribed!


TIP: While it may cost less to buy a used costume whether from a thrift store or from a private sale, be sure to wash the costume as best as possible prior to putting on your dog. Items from thrift stores are usually never cleaned (that also goes for human clothes/costumes).