Harvey is the June 2019 DOTM

Harvey Dog of the Month

Our golden boy, Harvey was chosen as the Dog Day Getaway June 2019 Dog of the Month! Let’s find out more about Harvey and what makes him so super special to everyone at DDG…

Hey! Harvey is the Dog Day Getaway Dog of the Month for June 2019!

  • What is your dogs name? Harvey Specter Verkinderen
  • What is his Breed?  Miniature Golden Retriever
  • When is his birthday?  March 12th
  • Does he have any nicknames? Harv or Harvster
  • Who chose his name?  My human mom picked my name and my dad approved it.
  • How did they choose this name?  It from the main character on the show “Suits”
  • What is the strangest thing he has eaten?  Rabbit poop
  • Where is his favorite place to be scratched?  His rib cage
  • Does he have a favorite toy?  He loves his balls
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be?  Chicken
  • What is he most afraid of?  Dogs that are bigger then him
  • What is the one word you most use with Harvey?  Harvey, COME!
  • Does he have a best friend?  Tobbie the neighbor dog
  • Any dog parks that he frequents? He doesn’t go to dog parks but you will see him walking to the MN zoo and back home alot
  • Who does Harvey share a house with?  His mom, dad and his sisters Ella and Lainey
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has ever done?  Chewed up his sisters toys and books
  • Where did Harvey come from?  A breeder in Ramsey
  • What is his most embarrassing moment?  He gets embarrassed when he has to take a bath because he is stinky!
Harvey DOTM
Harvey Dog of the Month

A huge thank you for the amazing photos to KME Photography!