Hazel December 2019 Dog of the Month

Hazel DOTM Dec 2019

This big Blue beauty is our sweet Hazel.  She is our December Dog of the Month for 2019.  I guess it is OK to say we are saying goodbye to 2019 in a “big” way.

Want to know more about Hazel?

  • What is your dogs name? Hazel
  • When is her Birthday?  St Patrick’s Day, March 17th
  • What breed of dog is Hazel? She is a Blue Great Dane
  • Do you have any nicknames for her? Hazel Bean
  • Who named you?  My mom
  • What is the strangest thing she has eaten? She likes to eat grass sometimes.
  • Does she have a favorite place to be scratched?  Behind her ears and her big flappy lips
  • What about a favorite toy? A Ball and her chuck it
  • Does she have a favorite human food? She likes peanut butter and cheese, but is a picky eater!
  • What is she most afraid of? Her mom leaving her
  • What is the one word or phrase most heard from you her parents? Budge over! You’re hogging the bed.
  • Who is her best friend? Her brother Harley and Great Dane friends Winnie and Nellie
  • What dog park can you see her at? Rosemount Dog Park or Minnehaha Dog Park
  • Who does she share a house with?  Her mom and dad
  • What is the naughtiest thing shes ever done? She one pooped in Home Depot
  • Does she have most embarrassing moment? My head is right at crotch height, so you can figure it out from there

All of our DOTM pictures are taken my KME Photography