How to display great dog photos

If, like me, you love dogs, you have probably taken dozens of pictures of your adorable puppies or dogs. And where are the cute dog photos now? Is it hidden in a drawer or a shoebox and collects dust? Don’t let these cute dog pictures hide and forget! There are many decorative ways that you can display photos of your dog or puppy.

Here are five unique ideas to get you started:

  1. Present your precious dogs in a collage under the glass! The coffee table with glass table is a great place to display photos of your favorite dogs! Remove the glass and paint the pictures in any motif on the table. Think about the position of the table and the proximity of the guests to the table. Place the dog pictures in different directions for a unique look! When you are satisfied with the arrangement of the photos, place the cover slip on top of the photos.
  2. Display your favorite dog photos with CD boxes! You can purchase CD boxes from your local office supply store. Make sure you use standard bags, not thin ones. Discard the plastic insert in the box. Crop the dog photos to fit in the CD box. Attach a piece of cardboard to the back of each picture. Put the picture of the dog in the enclosure and close it securely. Now attach the CD frame to the wall with adhesive tape. Arrange the cans in a 4,4 square shape or set them diagonally at different angles. The interesting thing about this type of display is that you can easily change the images in the box!
  3. Display many of your favorite photos of your dog in a shadow box! The shadow box is a great way to display items related to larger dogs that won’t fit in a standard frame. Arrange the photos in the shadow box, then add some memorabilia of your favorite dog, like the first ID, collar or hairpin. You can even add in any of your dog’s favorite candies or snacks. Be creative and show off all the precious dog items that make the shadow box the most meaningful!
  4. Show photos of your favorite dog on velvet, satin or large beads! Cut Bar Length – The size of the bar depends on the number of images you want to display. Put photos of your favorite dog on the belt. Glue the pictures onto one of your circles or squares. Now fill in the open areas of the ribbon with colored beads, clear glitter or a few unusual knots. Then add a nice bow on top of the ribbon for the finishing touches!
  5. Display photos of your precious dog in the mirror frame! Take a piece of reflective glass and cut it to your desired frame. You can find reflective glass at most glass stores. Now, take a razor blade and scratch the black rear-view mirrors to create a clear glass window that your dog’s photo can be viewed on. The window can be large or small, oval, heart-shaped, smooth or jagged at the edges. Tape a photo of your dog or puppy behind the glass and put it in a frame.

These are just a few creative ways to view and share photos of your favorite dog or puppy. Don’t limit yourself to the above methods. With a little thought and creativity, you can find some of the funniest and most unique ways to display these adorable pictures of dogs!

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