Jasper our DOTM for August 2019

Get ready to meet Jasper, he is one of our favorite guys, and we are super excited to feature him as our August Dog of the Month for 2019.

Let’s Meet Jasper!

  • What is your dogs name?  Jasper
  • When is his birthday?  It is June 23rd of 2018
  • What breed is Jasper?  He is 37.5% lab, 25% Pyrenees, 12.5% German Shorthair, 12.5% Treeing Walker Coonhound and 12.5% Beagle and that is where he gets his big voice
  • Does he have an nicknames?  Jaspery_Jupe, Jaspy, Baby Dog and Kid
  • Who named him and why? His name and the Humane Society was Lucas but it didn’t suit him.  His pawrents initially names him Puck, because his dad is a big hockey guy and his mom is into theater.  ***A Midsummer Nights Dream, the character Puck- he is clever, mischievous fairy, sprite or jester. That name lasted for about a week, until his pawrents realized it sounded like they were swearing when they called for him.  My mom suggested Jasper and it stuck.
  • What is the strangest thing he has eaten?  Half of a mystery creature at the dog park. Bird? Squirrel? We will never know
  • Does he have a favorite place to be scratched?  On his face, all over his cheeks and below his ears.
  • What about a favorite toy? He likes to change it up, this week it is a tie between an old towel he runs around with and a stuffed hedgehog.
  • If he could eat any human food what would he pick? His pawrents don’t give him human food as he has a super sensitive tummy, but they guess it would probably be bacon, he sits at his moms feet every time she makes it.
  • What is Jasper most afraid of? Fireworks and most recently he has discovered the moon and finds it very upsetting
  • What is the one word he hears most from his pawrents? Chewy?  **Said in a happy tone, it means he is about to get a favorite treat
  • Who are his best friends?  Other then his pawrents it is his blankie.  He had a best puppy friend named Finn but he moved away to Duluth earlier this year.
  • Does he go to any dog parks?  You can see Jasper at either Dakota Woods Dog Park or Cleary Lake Dog Park
  • Who shares a home with him?  His pawrents Kristen and Matt
  • What is the naughtiest thing he has done?  In the first 10 minutes in his new home he ran into his pawrents bedroom and pooped on the floor.  Other then that he destroyed a dog bed earlier this year, but it was just for fun!
  • Where did Jasper come from?  He was adopted from the Humane Society in St Paul but was sent there from a shelter down in Oklahoma.  His records arent very clear if he hails from Texas or Oklahoma originally.
  • Does he have a most embarrassing moment? He was on a walk with his mom at Lebanon hills and we came upon a green disc on the path.  Jasper sniffed it and it poked its head out and booped him on his nose, he flipped out and lost his mind.  It was a turtle.  He finds them terrifying and jumps around like a big scaredy cat.

We as always want to acknowledge our amazing dog of the month photographer. She does more then pets and we are so lucky to be able to work with her. Check her out at KME Photography