Kona is the DDG December 2023 Dog of the month!

The staff at Dog Day Getaway is proud to announce that Kona is our December 2023 Dog of the Month! She’s a beautiful Blue Healer that we need to know more about!


Meet Kona, a beautiful Blue Healer with an amazing personality!


  • What is your dog’s name? Kona
  • How did you pick her name? her grandpa picked it out
  • When is her birthday? Her gotcha day is Valentines day
  • What is Konas breed? Blue Heeler
  • Does she have any nicknames? Girly Girl, Konie Girl, Little Girl, or Patty
  • What is her favorite place to be scratched? Belly of course!
  • If she could eat any human food, what would it be? literally anything! she will go through every trick for a leaf of lettuce…
  • What is Kona most afraid of? Smoke Alarms or really anything beeping
  • If she had a profession, what would it be? Competitive Eater
  • If she drove a car, what would they drive? something small and fast
  • Is she a Mama’s boy/girl or a bigger fan of Dad? daddys girl for sure. he is constantly tripping over her she is so close.
  • What’s the naughtiest thing she has ever done?  as a puppy she peed on the couch… a few times.
  • Does she prefer the floor, dog bed, couch or all of the above? she prefers the back of the couch like a cat
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with Kona? Take her for runs with the bike
  • What’s a day in the life of Kona? immediately upon waking we must eat, then outside to potty and more importantly verbally accost the neighboring canines through the fence, then nap some more.. herd her big brother… check the kitchen floor for crumbs… and the cycle repeats a few times
  • Describe her in 3 words? Alert, Fast, Intense
  • Is she a Chicken or a Steak lover? whichever one falls on the floor first
  • Does Kona prefer a walk or a swim? walk, but she does love a good fetch session in the lake
  • What is her favorite toy? pb stuffed kong
  • Does she prefer a good snuggle or an energetic wrestle session?  a good snuggle
  • What is one thing you would change about Kona?  The time she wakes up in the morning wanting to eat!
  • Who is her best friend?    Both of her grandpa Jim’s!
  • What word or phrase do you say to her most often? “Kona NO”
  • What is hers favorite thing about DDG? The Staff!!
  • What is YOUR favorite thing about DDG? The Staff and the self wash tubs!


Dog Day Getaway’s Dog of the Month photography is brought to you by Kasey and Tyler Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52/Twelve:52 Pets. They have 5 rescue pups of their own – (all fittingly named after Marvel comic book characters) – who also love coming to DDG. So, chances are your furkid(s) and theirs have played together! This is their 11th year documenting wagging tails, nose boops, and slobbery puppy kisses – and when they aren’t doing that they are photographing weddings and families.