Marnie is the DDG October 2019 Dog of the Month

Say Hello to Marnie, are absolutely fabulous DOTM for October, we not only adore Marnie but think her mom Sue is pretty fantastic.

What About Marnie? Well, this is what maker her so special:

  • What is your dogs Name? Marnie
  • When is her birthday? June 4th
  • What breed is she?  A golden retriever and husky mix, they think.
  • Does Marnie have any nicknames?  Marnie Barnes, Sunshine
  • Who picked her name?  The rescue named her and it suited her perfectly so her mom kept it
  • What is the strangest thing she has eaten?  She is pretty sneaky at eating things, so only know what it might have been at some point
  • What is her favorite place to be scratched?  Her belly of course
  • Does she have a favorite toy?  Her bunnies, both with and without the squeakers and of course her tennis balls
  • If she could eat any human food what would she choose?  Anything from the meat family
  • What is she most afraid of?  Going through doors into places that she is not familiar with
  • What is the one word of phrase you use most with Marnie?  Down
  • Who is her best friend?  Gary
  • What dog park can you see her at?  Marnie hasn’t tried dog parks yet
  • Who does Marnie share a house with?  Her mom and Gary (her dad)
  • What is the naughtiest thing she has done?  She isn’t really to naughty, but when she first moved in sh chewed up a few items
  • Where did you get Marnie from?  Second Chance Rescue
  • Does Marnie have a most embarrassing moment?  Nothing that I can think of or at least that I know about

We are so pleased and excited to be working with Kirsten of KME Photography,  She is a delight and her work speaks for itself.  If you are looking for either pet or family photography check her out!