Meet Meria The DDG March Dog of the Month 2021

Take a look at this Siberian Husky beauty and don’t worry she has the personality to match.  We are excite to feature this gorgeous girl as our March 2021 Dog of the Month (#DOTM).

Meria is our March Dog of the Month!

  • What is your dogs name? Nymeria (Meria) Gelbmann
  • How did you pick her name? Game of Thrones, Arya Stark’s Direwolf
  • When is her birthday? 12/18/2015
  • What is her breed? Siberian Husky
  • Does she have any nicknames? Boo Butt, Mary, Bsoo boo, fluff butt, mooshu, meerie, maude… Too many to count
  • What is her favorite place to be scratched? Belly for sure. She will roll over on her back and beg us to scratch her.
  • Does she have a favorite Toy? Oh yeah. She has a giant hedgehog named “Jeffery”
  • If she could eat any human food what would it be? Stringed cheese is her absolute favorite. Steak or Chicken close second
  • What is your dog most afraid of? The beeping noise the fridge makes when mommy is putting groceries away
  • If she had a profession what would it be? Meria would probably be a good private investigator because she will follow us anywhere but from a distance just to keep her eyes on us!
  • If she drove a car what would she drive? I could see Meria driving a Jeep of some kind with the top down!
  • Who’s her favorite mom or dad? She’s obsessed with her momma. She does from time to time choose dad though.
  • What’s the naughtiest thing she has ever done? Destroyed curtains and a door knob after being left home for too long by herself
  • Is she a floor or bed dog? DEFINITELY a bed hog. She always has to be touching us while we are sleeping (mainly mom)
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with her? Chase her around the backyard when I get home from work, zoomies for hours!
  • Is she a face to face greeter or a butt greeter? She’s a butt greeter for sure when she meets other dogs
  • What’s a day in the life of Meria? Wakes up when dad let’s her outside to go potty and then back to bed with mom. Dad leaves for work and I’ll follow mom around all morning until she gets ready to go to work. I’ll sleep on the couch listening to calming music that Alexa plays for me until dad gets home. Then, it’s go-time. I’ve got to show dad how fast I am and how well I can out-maneuver him as he tries to get me. Then we will eat dinner. I will help dad eat his dinner and then when everything is licked up, I will actually start to eat my food that has been left out for me all day.
  • Describe Meria in 3 words? Sweetest Couch Potato
  • Does she have an Instagram page? Yes, Nymeria_Gelbmann
  • ne thing you would change about your dog? Her separation anxiety… I wish that could disappear
  • One thing she would change about you? Probably that we would go see grandma and grandpa more at their house in Shoreview!
  • What is her favorite hangouts? Outside laying in the grass/snow watching the world go by, the couch downstairs, or curled up in a ball on the floor

Meria Siberian Husky

Meria Siberian Husky

Meria DOTM

Meria March 2021 DOTM

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