Neighbor Complaints About Your Dog?

Has a neighbor complained about your dog, or might in the future? You’ll need to read through these tips we’ve come up with to help curb the barking. So, if you are the happy owner of a dog (who wouldn’t be?), you have certainly shared some really awesome times with them. The unpleasant part of being a dog-owner comes when your family and neighbors are disturbed by the continuous and annoying barking of your best friend. Nobody can deny the fact that barking is a natural thing… but how to turn down the excessive barking?

Complaints About Your Dog… Is it the Barking?

Dogs bark, at everything or like my dog, for no reason at all sometimes. If a stranger approaches and the dog barks in order to warn about the danger, that is its natural behavior and it deserves to be appreciated. If the dog barks because it is trying to communicate something to the master (perhaps it is hungry, sick or it wants to be taken out for a walk), this is also natural. However, a dog that barks constantly, at the slightest sound, is a great discomfort for everyone around it, especially if it happens during the late hours of the night, when most people are trying to rest.

You love your dog, but don’t want to spoil the relationships with the entire neighborhood for the sake of your animal friend. So what can be done about it? The only solution is to train the dog and teach it to bark only when something important is involved. However training takes long hours and a lot of patience. You probably haven’t got the time to go through it with your dog. In order to save time and energy, get your best friend a dog training collar. It has been proven that dog training collars are highly effective and they represent the fastest way to convince your dog to quit its annoying barking habits.

When you train your dog, it’s important that they understand what you want. The next step is to reward your dog when it’s doing the right thing and using your voice, hand gesture or facial expression, let them know you’re dissatisfaction in their action. This is exactly how dog training collars function. When the dog is doing something that it shouldn’t do (example, barking, chasing etc) a dog training collar enforces a corrective measure, which is different depending on the type of collar you choose to use.

The corrective measure can be a very slight electrical shock, some ultrasonic sounds that are disturbing for the dog, a smell that the dog finds unpleasant (for example, Citronella scent) or a cold spray on the animal’s neck. What is essential is that the dog will quickly understand the connection between its misbehavior and the unpleasant consequences. Therefore, it will know what is required from it and will avoid such behavior in the future.

There are many methods of how to use dog training collars

Let’s be clear: a dog training collar should NEVER be used as punishment! Most dog training collars use microphones, while others are activated by the vibrations a dog’s vocal cords cause when it barks. A good dog training collar will be activated only by the barking of your dog and not by other sounds. This is important, as you don’t want your dog to be “punished” without any reason; otherwise the poor animal will be confused and won’t know what you expect of it anymore. Actually, you mustn’t think of it as a punishment, as by no means will the dog be hurt, but as a reminder for the dog to behave correctly. When the dog stops barking, the effect of the collar immediately stops.

A dog trainer can help train your dog and get rid of the stressful barking during the day or night. Dog training collars trigger a completely harmless cold spray on your dog’s neck when it misbehaves. The surprise will make them stop barking. Your dog will not be in any way hurt or affected by the dog training collar. In a short time, the dog will learn to control its barking and the dog training collar will no longer be necessary. When you want to stop the training, all you have to do is remove the collar. You will enjoy a deserved good night’s sleep and so will your neighbors!

Have any tips, tricks or other advice you’d like to share about training dogs and avoiding neighbor complaints? Leave a comment below! If you’re looking to get your dog some quality time and you’re in the Apple Valley area, come visit Map to Dog Day Getaway!