Ozzy is our December 2020 Dog of the Month


Say Hello to our adorable December Dog of the Month, Ozzy, a beautiful Goldendoodle! with a heart of.. well, gold!  We are so excited to share a little bit more about him with you! Let’s find out more about him…

Things You Must Know about this Dec 2020 DOTM, Ozzy:

  • What is your dogs name?  Ozzy Hansen
  • How did you pick your dogs name?  The family wanted a name with a call back.  Any Ozzy Osbourne fans will know!
  • When is your dogs birthday? May 2018
  • What is your dogs breed?  Goldendoodle
  • Does Ozzy have any nicknames?  Ozwald and Big Puppy
  • What is your dogs favorite place to be scratched?  Ears and on the tummy
  • Does your dog have a favorite Toy?  His ball.  He likes to play Reverse Fetch!  We throw the ball onto the deck from the ground.  He runs up to get it and brings it down.  He does not like when we stand on the deck and throw it.
  • If your dog could eat any human food what would it be?  Pup Cups from DQ
  • What is your dog most afraid of?  The vacuum
  • If your dog had a profession what would it be?  Human Walker
  • If your dog drove a car what would they drive?  Jeep
  • Who’s your favorite mom or dad?  Dad (much to mom’s dismay!)
  • What’s the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done?  He likes to garbage dive sometimes.  Other than that, he is pretty sweet.
  • Is your dog a floor or bed dog?  Floor – he crates at night.  During the day, he enjoys the occasional nap on the couch.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet? Cuddle and walk.
  • Is your dog a face to face greeter or a butt greeter?  Face to Face although he wants us to scratch his but upon greeting.  He goes between our legs so our only option is to scratch his backside.
  • What’s a day in the life of you dog?  Sleep.  Go Outside.  Sleep.  Go Outside.  Sleep.  Walk.  Sleep.  Act wild until bedtime.  Unless he is at DDG.  Then it is play all day.  Sleep all night.
  • Describe your dog in 3 words?  Sweet.  Intuitive.  Playful.
  • Does your dog have an Instagram page?  No.  But he has a highlight on mine.
  • One thing you would change about your dog?   Only that he not be possessive of his toys.  Otherwise he is pretty darn perfect.
  • One thing they would change about you?  That I work less!
  • What is your dogs favorite hangouts?  The couch.  The hardwood floor. The deck!
Ozzy Goldendoodle

Dog Day Getaway’s Dog of the Month photography is brought to you by Kasey and Tyler Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52/Twelve:52 Pets. They have 5 rescue pups of their own – (all fittingly named after Marvel comic book characters) – who also love coming to DDG. So, chances are your fur kids and theirs have played together! This is their 11th year documenting wagging tails, nose boops, and slobbery puppy kisses – and when they aren’t doing that they are photographing weddings and families. Follow them: @StudioTwelve52 / @Twelve52Pets and visit them online at https://twelve52pets.com/