Say Hello to Theo, the DOTM for March 2023

We are excited to have this distinguished old man represent March 2023 as our DOTM. At 16 years old, Theo he is still going strong, let’s find out more!

Theo and the Never Ending Quest For All Things Chicken

  • What is your dogs name? Theodore Huxtable Rice
  • When is his birthday? August 21, 2006
  • What is his breed? We assume a Fox Hound Mix (but awaiting the results of the DNA test currently)
  • Does he have any nicknames? TT, Old man, TT Boy, Youngmen, TT Rodriguez, Baby boy
  • What is Theo’s favorite place to be scratched? He prefers full body massages in his older age
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be? CHICKEN!
  • What is he most afraid of? Smoke detectors above all else.
  • If he had a profession what would it be? Before he reached retirement age, a Professional Rabbit Hunter
  • If Theo drove a car what would he drive? Nothing too hip or cool – perhaps a station wagon (with wood paneling, of course) or maybe a Prius.
  • What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done? He somehow got onto the kitchen counter (we’ve never seen it happen!), removed an entire brand new rotisserie chicken & ate the entire thing while my husband took a shower. There was NO evidence the chicken ever existed except for the empty container licked perfectly clean.
  • Floor? Couch? Dog bed? Or all the above?  Dog bed
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with him? Snuggle & see him excited with other dogs or still try to play.
  • What’s a day in the life of Theo? After breakfast & meds at home, he typically goes to work with mom for the day & sleeps on a dog bed in her office. After a day of sleeping he’s back home with the fam for an afternoon nap before dinner. After dinner & meds he’s in bed by 8pm typically.
  • Describe Theo in 3 words? Sweet, Deaf, Nervous
  • Chicken or Steak? Chicken for sure.
  • Walk or Swim? Neither anymore
  • Bone? Ball? Stuffie or Rope? Bone only. Back in his younger days, he used to always have a stuffy (his baby) in his mouth but he never ripped them up. He only carried them around.
  • Snuggle or wrestle? Snuggle
  • One thing you would change about him? I would give him new healthy & strong back legs so he can keep being a part of our family
  • Word or Phrase you use most often with him? “Theo pooped in the basement again!”
  • What are his favorite hangouts? His upstairs dog bed (under his covers & tucked in for bed) or the cool grass outside, he could lay there for hours.