Thor is the Dog of the Month for November 2022

We are excited for you all to get to meet Thor, one of our favorite pack members and team DDG couldn’t be happier.


Here’s what you need to know about Thor!

  • What is your dogs name? Thor
  • How did you pick his name? Thor is the God of thunder and storms. It also represents strength, which he has a lot of. His coat reminds me of a dark storm.
  • When his dogs birthday? August 15th, 2021
  • What is Thor’s breed? Belgian Malinois
  • Does he have any nicknames? No
  • What is Thor’s favorite place to be scratched? Loves butt scratches
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be? EVERYTHING
  • What is he most afraid of? Someone hurting me. He’s very protective.
  • If Thor had a profession what would it be? A police officer
  • If he drove a car what would he drive? A big truck
  • Mom or dad? Momma’s boy
  • What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done? Ripped up a shoe because his ball got stuck in it
  • Floor? Couch? Dog bed? Or all the above? All the above. But it’s short lived unless it’s bed time. He will run all day and relax for 20mins and be ready to go all over again.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with Thor? Being outdoors and car rides! He’s so happy being outside. He loves tasks and running around with other fur friends.
  • What’s a day in the life of Thor? Up by 8am and running around ALL DAY LONG until bedtime. If I’m working he goes to doggy daycare. Constant toddler stage 24/7.
  • Describe him in 3 words? Chaotic energy always
  • Chicken or Steak? Chicken!
  • Walk or Swim? Both! He loves walks but also loves water if it’s available.
  • Bone? Ball? Stuffy or Rope? Ball. He loves fetch!
  • Snuggle or wrestle? Wrestle
  • One thing you would change about him? He’s perfect
  • Word or Phrase you use most often with him? My hand gesture for sit
  • What are his favorite hangouts? The dog park, daycare, and grandmas house.
  • How did you find him? He was a rescue. He was found abandoned outside in the winter with 2 other dogs. We have worked really hard together on training and trust. He is beyond smart! I’m so glad I get to be his mom and was able to make my home his forever home. He’s quiet at daycare but when he’s home, he’s very talkative! He will let you know exactly what he wants and likes to talk some smack on occasion too just to keep me on my toes. He looks intimidating but is the sweetest boy!





Dog Day Getaway’s Dog of the Month photography is brought to you by Kasey and Tyler Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52/Twelve:52 Pets. They have 5 rescue pups of their own – (all fittingly named after Marvel comic book characters) – who also love coming to DDG. So, chances are your furkid(s) and theirs have played together! This is their 11th year documenting wagging tails, nose boops, and slobbery puppy kisses – and when they aren’t doing that they are photographing weddings and families.