Just like humans, dogs love social interaction. With it, they can become more confident in themselves, with other dogs, and even with you. And when you come enjoy these experiences with your little furry friend, you form stronger, longer-lasting bonds. Join a Dog Day Getaway Dog Playgroups and you’ll really get to see your dog’s personality expand and grow.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits you and your dog will experience:

  • Off-leash interaction with other dogs
  • Exercise
  • Confidence building
  • Personality expansion
  • Pet/Owner relationship growth
  • Lots and lots of fun!

Stimulate Learning, Socializing Behaviors and Fun with Dog Playgroups!

Offered all throughout the month, DDG Dog Playgroups are built to be fun, safe and enjoyable experiences for all dogs and owners. Environments are supervised so you can rest easy knowing you and your dog can enjoy the time spent together.

Tiny Tots Playgroups

Not all dogs are ready for the limelight of running with the popular crowd. Our Tiny Tots Playgroup is designed for dogs under 15 lbs. and who need a little encouragement to run and play. This gives your little one a chance to socialize without feeling intimidated by bigger, more energetic dogs.

February 5 Sunday 1100-1200pm
February 26 Sunday 130-230pm
March 12 Sunday 1100-1200pm
April 2 Sunday 1215-115pm
May 21 Sunday 1100-1200pm
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Hello, I just wanted to say that many of us are so grateful for you doing the “tiny tots playgroup“. Briana and Mike are wonderful. It’s so nice they are always getting on the floor playing with the dogs – some of us cannot get on the floor and the dogs love it. It sure means a lot to see them having fun – and they know all their names. We’re so sad cause we won’t see you until Sept. If anything changes – please give me a call. Thanks a lot for everything that you all do.

— Barb and “Maddi”

Small Dog Playgroups Apple Valley MNSmall Dog Playgroups

When your dog is really ready to run, jump, bounce, and play, bring them into the Small Dog Playgroups! Held in our training room, dogs are off the leash but still under 30 lbs.

February 5 Sunday 130-230pm
February 26 Sunday 1215-115pm
March 12 Sunday 130-230pm
April 2 Sunday 1100-1200pm
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Puppy Dog Playgroups Apple Valley MNPuppy Playgroups

Puppy Playgroups is a great opportunity for your puppy to develop play skills in a safe and supervised environment. Puppy playgroups is intended for puppies ages 12 weeks to nine months, and is an off-leash event with owners present.

All dog playgroups are just $10 at the door.


February 5 Sunday
February 26 Sunday 1100-1200pm
March 12 Sunday 1215-115pm
April 2 Sunday 130-230pm

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