Should You Give Your Dog Raw Bones?

There is a difference of opinion among canine experts as to whether bones should be given to a dog raw, cooked, hard, or soft, and even whether they should be given at all. On one point, however, there is total agreement, never give a dog cooked bones from chicken, pork, fowl, and rabbit,

About Raw Dog Bones

Raw bones can clean a dog’s teeth without brushing Not only can raw bone help eliminate plaque but helps remove stinky dog-breath. Chewing a raw bone helps remove the plaque and tartar that causes bad breath and helps to keep your dogs teeth and gums clean. But there are also downsides, and as pet owners we need to be aware of the risks involved.

A marrow bone is the traditional symbol of a treat for a dog, and he obviously appreciates it. It may be too big and hard for small dogs. In fact, large breeds generally handle bones much better than small ones. Bones that are mostly cartilage, such as spinal and shoulder bones of veal, knuckle bones, and soft rib bones, are good chewing material that can be entirely consumed.

The real danger is intestinal compaction, especially in small dogs, if the masticated bone has not been mixed with other residue in the dog’s stomach. A small amount should cause no trouble if it is given right after a meal. Chicken bones are a big NO-NO! As well, cooked pork and steak bones are equally dangerous. Careful eaters simply clean off the meat and fat, but greedy gobblers run the risk of internal injury from jagged bone splinters. The same is true of a leg of lamb bone.

Chew Treats We Think You Need to Be Aware of

Rawhide and compressed vegetable proteins! When your dog chews these treats, they may swallow large pieces of them. These pieces of chew treat cannot be digested by your pet and they can become lodged in their intestines. Intestinal blockages can kill your dog in hours. They can cause a condition called intestinal strangulation which is when blood flow is cut off to the intestines. The intestinal tissue then begins to die and rot.

If your dog has consumed these chew treats, and have a blockage, you may see some of the following symptoms. They may vomit, refuse to eat, regurgitate food, have diarrhea or abdominal pain. If your dog has any of these symptoms, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. If they get a blockage, it will not clear itself. They will require surgery.

While some chew treats aren’t bad, everything in moderation. You shouldn’t have to stop giving your dog chew treats altogether. You should however monitor the use of these treats. When you can not be around your pet, take the treats away. When your dog has worn the treats down into small pieces, throw those pieces away replace them.

Nylon bones: Every dental vets cash cow

When it comes to nylon dog bones, they’re cheap… and made of plastic. So consider your dog chewing on a nylon bone, and eating it. That’s like you eating a portion of your credit card every time you chew gum. Nylon bones, according to our vet, may cause thousands of dollars in dental damage to your dog’s teeth. Keep it natural, it’s always best.

When to consider raw bones for dogs

What is the best policy to follow with a dog of your own? A teething puppy between four and six months of age should always have a bone, real or imitation, to chew on. You might give an adult dog a suitable bone as on occasional treat – for example, once a week. It will give him enormous pleasure, will help to keep his teeth clean and free from tartar, and will occupy him for several hours.

One thing to keep in mind is if your dog has bad tooth decay. A bones may cause more injury to the dogs mouth as the bone pushes against a rotted tooth. So if your dog has bad teeth, please take him to the vet for a checkup and cleaning, and don’t give your dogs hard chew treats.

Remember, as a pet owner it is your responsibility to look after your dog’s health. We all love out pets and it would be a shame to lose them over something as simple as a chew treat. So keep a watchful eye on your pet and help them live a long and happy life.