Tank is our May DOTM 2019


This handsome older fellow is Tank, don’t let that sweet grey face fool you he is still a spry young guy; well at heart.  Even though his eyes aren’t what they used to be he loves coming to visit us and we love having him here. We love this old man and there isn’t a better guy to bring in the May flowers.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tank… and more!!

  • What is your name? Tank
  • When is your birthday?  July 9th, he will be 12 this year
  • What breed is Tank?  He is a Jug, a Jack Russell and Pug mix
  • Do you have an nicknames for him?  Tankie or Buddy
  • Who picked his name and why?  His dad named him tank because he is was very thick
  • What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? Cat litter
  • Whats his favorite place to be scratched?  Behind his ears of course
  • Does he have a favorite toy?  A hedge hog
  • If he could eat any human food what would it be?  Bacon, Bacon and some more Bacon

Well can you blame the guy?  Who doesn’t love bacon!

What is he most fearful of?  Being aloneWhat is the one word he hears most from his parents?  His name, TankWho is his best friend?  Olive, his human sisterDoes Tank go to any dog parks?  He cant go to the park anymore because he cant see as well as he used to.Who does he share a house with?  Olive, Krissy and Kyle and a naughty can named SlinkiWhat is the naughtiest thing he does?  He chases the catWhere did you get Tank?  In Lacaster, PADoes he have a most embarrassing moment?  Tank is pretty self-assured so nothing really embarrasses him, maybe the one time he ran into the neighbors house.

As always a huge shout out and thank you to our amazing photographer KME Photography.