Top 5 natural dog treats

There are advantages to giving your dog all natural dog treats. it’s not only the peace of mind that you are giving your dog healthy snacks, but that you are providing them with the nutrition your pet needs. That this nutrition may also be coming with some training and positive reinforcement via natural dog treats.

All Natural Dog Treats: Our Top 5 List

Natural dog treats should contain no added chemical preservatives or fillers, ever. These top 5 natural dog treats have 100% nutritional value and use only the best natural products and of course, how they are processed. Any natural dog treat could be eaten by humans without any distress, after all, its natural… right? We’re going to dive in to the top 5 treats our staff at Dog Day Getaway give their own dogs. A few of these items are unnamed as their found in most stores under different brands, so we won’t be mentioning products that have multiple manufacturers or suppliers.

We urge you to check the packaging of all treats as there are a number of manufacturers who may use different processing methods. You want to avoid any treat that isn’t baked or naturally dried or dehydrated. All treats should be free of chemicals or be chemically processed. Treats should also have no preservatives or funky coloring added.

If you have any questions about any treat contact the maker. While at the store, take a picture of the product and the contact details before you purchase. Contact the manufacturer by either email or call to get the information you need.

  1. Pig Ears: These are either given raw or a naturally processed (smoked, dehydrated or baked) dog treat and a favorite of all dogs. Pig ears contain a nice amount of fatty acids, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, omega3 and protein. Pig ears for dogs should always be cooked in some fashion whether smoked, baked or dehydrated. Note: While you could give your dog raw pig ears, its best to blanch before serving as it will remove any bug that may still reside.
  2. Chicken Feet: Not for puppies, but this is another all natural treat that is great for your dogs teeth and joints. You can give your dog fresh chicken feet (warning: must be thoroughly cleaned) or dehydrate them. Chicken feet contain chondroitin and glucosamine which is good for their joints. Be sure that the chicken nails are removed before giving to your dog, regardless if the chicken feet were dehydrated.
  3. Fresh Fruits: I don’t know any dog who doesn’t like bananas! As well, they almost all love fruits such as berries, apples, pears, watermelon, cantaloupe. You’ll be providing your pet with the very best in fresh treats. Note: DO NOT feed your dog grapes!
  4. Fresh Vegetables:: Most dogs love the taste of fresh tomatoes and the crunch of carrots, sweet peppers, green beans and cucumber.
  5. Homemade Treats: We love making treats for our dogs and one of the easiest is the 2 ingredient dog treat. It consists of oatmeal and banana (or apple, melon, berries or other fruit – even sweet potato) mashed together and baked. A healthy, easy to make (and cheap) treat you’ll ever give your dog. Click here for the recipe

Whenever possible, try to give your dog natural treats. It really doesn’t take any more time to chop up an apple or banana than it is to research what makes up the ingredients in those dog bones you see on store shelves.

We hope this gives you some great ideas for alternatives to store bought, over-processed dog treats you buy in a box. Give your dog the best all natural treats for extra nutrition without the guilt of giving them chemically laden foods.