Traveling With Your Dog This Summer

Don’t let your pet take the pleasure out of your trip, plan ahead. While it’s getting close to summer, and your travel plans are almost coming to fruition; one of your travel plans has to do with your dog. You need to consider taking your dog with you on your holiday or finding a place (like DDG) to board your dog. Think before you decide where to go and for how long. A week or two of playing with other dogs in a clean, well-run boarding kennel/doggy daycare might be a perfect vacation for your pet!

Car Trips and Traveling with Your Dog

A summer car trip would be a great deal of fun for the family and your dog. But your dog, and your family, should mind the rules of the road and how your dog should be secured. As well, you need to ensure your dog doesn’t travel well and continues to get sick or restless. You should consider one of the best Minnesota boarding kennel. Don’t take a sick or unhappy dog on a trip, you’ll all be miserable.

Keep in mind these important tips when traveling with your dog:

  1. Pet Friendly Hotels: If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure you know their rules about having your dog stay with you. You’ll almost never be able to sneak a great dane into the hotel. Check with your auto club about pet-friendly hotels.
  2. Health and Identification: If you will be traveling between several states, be sure to keep your dog’s updated shot records and any licenses necessary. Most states and provinces require some form of health certificate, especially when it comes to rabies.
  3. Food Dishes and Blankets from Home:
    • Not only should you bring a collapsible water bowl, you should bring your dog’s personal food and water bowls. If your dog is finicky, this should give them the added security by having something they’re familiar with. Listen, a great majority of dogs travel better on an empty stomach, so you might want to hold off feeding them the first few hours of the trip.
    • Old blanket or dog bed. Take your dog’s blanket or bed with you. Use this as your dog’s travel bed in the RV, car or motel. This will keep them comfortable and feeling safe.
    • Additional Identification: Always keep an extra collar and an extra leash in the car. Always keep current identification tags on all collars. If you happen to lose a collar, it happens to the best of us, you’ll always have your other backup.
  4. Cleaning Supplies: Shampoo, flea powder and other essentials for bathing. Your dog can get into the thick of things, and keeping them clean is a must. While your dog may start the journey without a single flea, they could pick something up along the way.
  5. Safety First: Don’t let your dog hang their head out of your car window. Your dog may suffer from getting debris in their eyes. They may also inflammation in their nasal and eye passage from the wind. It’s a good idea to open the window enough they can get their snout out.

Wherever you go, remember that you are responsible for your dog’s conduct. The impression you make on hotel and motel managers will determine their attitude toward all dogs and dog owners. By planning ahead and observing the rules of courtesy, you can take your dog with you anywhere. If your pet enjoys car travel, you and your family can a expect a most enjoyable trip.

If you’re considering boarding your dog while your family goes on vacation, be sure to check with DDG about our rates and get a tour of our 12,000 Sq ft. doggy daycare and boarding facility right here in Apple Valley, Minnesota!