What are the national pet holidays for 2023?

Are you searching for exciting methods to commemorate your pet’s unique events? You are fortunate! 2023 is jam-packed with pet-focused holidays. Here you can get creative and show your furry companion even more love. This article provides an overview of the main pet occasions planned in 2023. That way, you have lots of time to plan ahead!

Here is an overview of the main pet occasions planned in 2023:


Throughout the year, pet owners look forward to celebrating their furry friends. Pet holidays are a great chance to recognize the strong bond between us and our animals.

From National Dog Day in August to Pet Appreciation Week in June, 2023 has plenty of pet holidays. We provide an overview of all the pet holidays, so you can plan and make sure your pets don’t miss out on any special occasions:

  • National Dog Day (August)
  • Pet Appreciation Week (June)

National Pet Holidays

2023 is sure to be full of fun and excitement for you and your pet! Besides the famous holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are some special pet celebrations. Here’s a guide to all the national pet holidays in 2023:

  • January:
    • Happy Mew Year for Cats Day (1/2)
    • National Train Your Dog Month
    • Walk Your Pet Month
    • Adopt A Rescued Bird Month
  • February:
    • Love Your Pet Day (20th)
    • Pet Theft Awareness Day (24th)
  • March:
    • National Disaster Preparedness Month
  • April:
    • Prevent A Litter Month (All month)
  • May:
    • Chip Your Pet Month (All month)
  • June:
    • Healthy Pets Expo (10-11th)
  • July:
    • Adopt A Shelter Dog Month(all month )
  • August:
    • International Assistance Dog Week (4th-10th )
  • September:
    • Be Kind To Animals Week (1st–7th )
  • October:
    • National Feral Cat Day (16th )
    • Nutrition and Prevention of Disease in Pets (All month)
  • November:
    • International Drumming For Dogs Day (21st)

International Pet Holidays

Every year, International Pet Holidays provide a chance for pet owners worldwide to celebrate their furry friends! Here are some of the most popular ones for 2023:

  • January: National Train Your Pet Month – Encouraging responsible pet care. Help owners train their animals to be content and safe family members.
  • February: Pawspurr Day – On Feb 16th, we remember a beloved cat who had many followers. Appreciate our furry friends more!
  • March: National Puppy Day – March 23rd, take your pup out for fun or get them something special!
  • April: National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week – April 10-16th, recognize those who protect communities and our four-legged pals.
  • May: World Biodiversity Day/Walk ‘n’ Wag – On International Mother’s Day, take your pet on an eco-friendly walk to promote wildlife conservation.
  • June: National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month – June is kitten season. Adopt a homeless kitty in need of a home!
  • July: International Zoonoses Awareness Day – July 13th, be aware of diseases that spread between humans and animals.
  • August: International Homeless Animals Day – August 18th, remember homeless animals needing shelter and love.
  • September: Responsible Dog Ownership Month – Be a good example of responsible dog guardianship.
  • October: Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month – In October, animal shelters offer special adoption deals with waived fees.
  • November: National Dog Show Appreciation Day – November 23rd, show appreciation for people producing national dog shows.
  • December Pet Holiday Celebrations – Celebrate our four legged family members on special days like Hanukkah w Animals Festival or Skijoring with Dogs.

Regional Pet Holidays

Pet lovers, rejoice! 2023 is full of special days to celebrate our furry friends.

  • January brings National Train Your Dog Month and National Walk Your Pet Month, plus National Dress-up Your Pet Day on the 14th and International Personal Chef Day on the 17th. On the 20th, it’s National Disc Jockey Day.
  • In February, it’s time for Spay and Neuter Awareness Month and Responsible Dog Ownership Day on the 21st.
  • March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month, plus Cat Health Month. The 20th is International Happiness Day and Puppy Mill Action Week runs from the 22nd to 28th.
  • April is Prevent a Litter Month and Greyhound Adoption Week from the 10th to 16th, plus Dolphin Movie Day on the 14th.
  • June brings World Ocean’s Day on the 8th and Animal Rights Awareness Week from the 13th to 19th. Plus, Take Your Pet To Work Week is June 21st to 25th.
  • August is Spay Neuter Appreciation Week from the 8th to 14th and Make a Friend Out of A Furrend Day is on August 23rd.
  • Finally, October is Adopt a Dog MonthWorld Animal Day is on October 4th, and National Dress Up Your Pets week is October 18th to 24th.

Holiday-specific Celebrations

2023 is the year for pet holidays! Celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners, or remember to be responsible pet owners. Here are some specific holidays for 2023:

  • January
  • 1st: National Pet New Year’s Day. Make resolutions for your pet’s health, safety, and enrichment.
  • 15th: National Hat Day. Dress up your pet in a silly hat!
  • February
  • 14th: National Pet Theft Awareness Day. Microchip, ID tag, and spay/neuter your pet to reduce the chance of theft.
  • March
  • 3rd: National Puppy Day. Take your pup on a walk or watch a puppy movie marathon.
  • April
  • 11th: National Animal Album Day. Create an album of memories with your furry friend.
  • May
  • 20th: World Bee Day. Visit a beekeeper or plant bee-friendly plants.
  • June
  • 8th: World Ocean Day. Appreciate our planet’s waterways by participating in beach cleanups or exploring coastal trails with your pet.
  • July
  • 4th: International Sustainability Day. Spend time outdoors and learn about sustainable practices.

Pet-themed Events and Activities

Every year, pet-centric events both local and national get on the calendar. Here’s a look at 2023’s pet holidays for pet owners, animal advocates, and casual animal lovers to join in the fun!

  • January: National Dog Training Month. Encouraging dog owners to enroll their pets in training programs and brush up on pet care best practices. Participate by attending seminars or learning more online through articles, videos, webinars.
  • February: Take Your Pet to Work Week. After a year of staying home, why not bring a furry friend to the office? Celebrate our hardworking four-legged assistants by letting them accompany us back into our workplaces for the day. Just make sure to ask your boss first!
  • March: National Pet Poison Prevention Week. Spring cleaning is underway! This week reminds us that throughout the whole year, keep household items like detergents or medications away from curious animals. Always talk to your vet before introducing new products into your home.
  • April: Adopt a Greyhound Month. Greyhounds need loving homes after they can’t race competitively. This month raises awareness about these friendly sighthounds and promotes adoption opportunities. If you offer an accommodating living space and lots of TLC, consider joining your local Sighthound Underground, or looking into adoption centers near you like American Greyhound.

Pet-related Resources

In 2023, there are many pet-related holidays and resources. On April 11th, it’s National Pet Day. Pet owners can show appreciation for their animal friends with treats or adventures.

June is Animal Rights Awareness Month. People should buy cruelty-free products, boycott businesses that exploit animals, and donate to shelters.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. People can research breeds on websites like Petfinder.

December 2nd is Giving Tuesday. It’s a global event, asking people to help animals in need by donating to rescue organizations or humane societies.


It’s essential to look after our pets year-round. But we can give them extra love when we dedicate special days or weeks to them. 2023 has several pet-related holidays. Like National Sleepover DayTake Your Cat to Work Day, and International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

Plan activities for these days and weeks. Cuddle your catplay fetch with your dog, or take your iguana for a walk in the park. Make sure you give them quality time on these special occasions in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the pet holidays in 2023?

A1: The pet holidays in 2023 are National Dog Day (August 26th), National Cat Day (October 29th), National Pet Day (April 11th), and World Animal Day (October 4th).

Q2: What is the purpose of pet holidays?

A2: Pet holidays are celebrated to recognize the special bond between humans and their pets and to raise awareness about animal welfare and adoption.

Q3: How can I celebrate pet holidays?

A3: You can celebrate pet holidays by taking your pet for a walk, giving them special treats, or donating to animal welfare organizations.