7 Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to get your dog for Christmas? DDG has checked out the best toys for dogs at Christmas (or anytime) and listed them right here. You know your dog best, so keep in mind this is a lengthy list full of ideas of new dog products and old favorites!

Most of us are able to find the right gift for our dog, but then again, finding a gift that your dog will enjoy could be a hassle and money pit. Not to mention finding a toy that will last. Most dog toys are expensive, and it’s hard to know just by looking at them which ones can be torn to shreds in mere minutes. We know, we’ve seen our dog rip through a playtoy we think would last (because often the package says so), yet again, within minutes that toy is a goner. We did hit up on hockey balls as toys, so check those out.

To help you dog lovers out there, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Christmas toys for dogs. They’re all fun, and unlike some other toys they’ve all managed to hold up well at from even the most aggressive Jack Russel Terrier. So… here’s 7 fun Christmas gift ideas for your dog:

  1. Kong Classic: What is more durable than a KONG toy? Always a great solution for an active dog you’re training or just letting them have some fun. You can also stuff these Kongs with peanut butter or other treats to really keep them busy.
  2. Orange Hockey Ball: These are inexpensive street balls that last for quite a while. Plus they’re easy to see in any yard, in the snow, etc!
  3. Rope Toys: While they aren’t great for tug of war (due to problems with aggressive dogs) they are a much better toy to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. Plus you don’t have to worry about your dog hurting or damaging their teeth with this type of toy unlike nylon toys.
  4. No Stuffing Squeak Toys: These are the “durable” toys usually sewn together with super strong string, and oh yeah… they squeak, for a little while. But, your dog will have a lot of fun with this for a while. Just be sure to keep your eye on them while playing.
  5. Treat Dispensing Chew Ball: Literally, it’s a ball that allows you to place treats inside and let your dog have at it. These are durable toys that most dogs can’t quite tear apart.
  6. Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster: This is a fun toy for not only your dog, but you!
  7. Any Interactive Dog Toy: Pretty much anything to make your dog concentrate on the toy, whether it’s getting a treat or getting other rewards. Dog Christmas toys that keep your dog active are a great find

One thing to note about nylon bones is that often, they damage a dog’s teeth. There are many reports out there about the dangers of nylon chew toys. Anyhow, we hope this list helps you make a great decision for a Christmas dog toy. If you tried any of these on our list or have other suggestions, please comment below!