Bug is the DDG April 2019 DOTM

Say Hi to Bug our April 2019 DOTM.  This little brindle beauty packs a punch; don’t let the flowers and cute dress fool you.  She is as cute as they come but also as tough as they come.

There’s so much to tell about Bug!

  • What is your dogs name?  Bug
  • When is Bugs Birthday? 9/29/52014
  • What is her breed?  Boston Terrier/Pug; hence a Bugg
  • Do you have any nicknames for her? Buggy, Bugaboo, Buggy Bug, Stinky, Poop, Little One
  • Who named you and why?  My mom and dad, they choose my breed before they got me and decided if they got one of me they would call me Bug the Bugg.
  • What is the strangest thing she has eaten? Rabbit and goose poop. Goose poop makes my teeth green and my mom and dad mad.
  • Does she have a favorite place to be scratched?  Behind her ears and chest of course.
  • What about a favorite toy?  She has her Kong mini tennis balls and GoDog Chewguard brand toys.
  • If she could eat any human food what would it be?  The canned corned beef and hash her dad eats.  Mom thinks it smells like dog food.  Bug loves the smell but is allergic.
  • What is Bug most afraid of? Thunderstorms, fireworks and when mom and dad leave the house without kissing me goodbye.
  • What is the one word you hear most from your parents?  No
  • Who is her best friend?  Lucy Goose
  • Does Bug go to any dog parks?  Yes you can see her at Alimagnet in Burnsville
  • Who does Bug share her home with?  Her mom and dad.
  • What is the naughtiest thing she has ever done? She chewed the corner of dads laptop, but it was really her moms fault cause she wasnt watching her.
  • Where is you get Bug?  HarMar Pet shop
  • Does she have a most embarrassing moment?  Nope, not Bug!All of our dogs of the month photos are done by KME Photography, she is a wonderful to work with.  She does photography of all types, not just dogs!