Sadie is our September 2020 Dog of the Month

Sadie Sept 2020 DOTM

Say hello to this golden beauty!  This is Sadie and we are excited to have her as our DDG September 2020 Dog of the Month!

Sadie | The DDG DOTM September 2020!

Such a beautiful girl that Sadie! Let’s dig in and find out all about this gentle Golden Retriever.

  • Dogs Name: Sadie
  • When is your birthday: April 11, 2017
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Nicknames: Miss Pups (from my mom), Sweetie (from my dad), Dingus (from my dad), Little Turd (from my mom), Sadie Whiskers (from my best friend and neighbor Cameron)
  • Who named you? My mom
  • How did they choose your name? Sadie is the cutest dog name ever.
  • Strangest thing you have eaten: Stick of butter while my mom was making my birthday cake. I didn’t even get sick!
  • Favorite place to be scratched: My belly
  • Favorite Toy: Deflated basketball
  • If you could eat any human food what would it be: Turkey Sandwich and Chips (any chips)
  • What are you most afraid of: Loud noises and dark shadows equally
  • What is the one word you hear most from your parent: HEY
  • My best friend is: Cameron who lives next door
  • You can see me at this dog park: I usually just play in my big backyard!
  • Who shares a house with you: My dad (Steve) and my mom (Courtney)
  • Naughtiest Thing I have ever done: I pooped in the kitchen while I was home alone. I then tried to hide it by grinding (with my claws) it into the kitchen tile. When my parents got home, it was all dry and my dad spent hours cleaning it up.
  • Where I came from: Hunter’s Goldens in New London, MN
  • What is your most embarrassing moment? I got my head stuck under the fence.

As always a huge thank you to our Dog of the Month photographer KME Photography.