Say Hello to Jasper! This Fellow is Leading Us Into 2022!

black & tan doberman, jasper, mix outside in the snow
Happy New Year!  Who better than Jasper to lead the way into 2022? Come check out what makes this beautiful Doberman mix so special!

Jasper is our January 2022 Dog of the Month! We had so much fun learning about this guy.

black & tan doberman mix sitting outside in the snowHow did you pick his name? 

He came with this name as a puppy adopted from Doberman Rescue MN.  It just seemed to really fit his personality.  Then I realized after we adopted him that it is my mother-in-law’s father’s name and my brother-in-law’s middle name.  My brother-in-law takes credit for naming my dog after him!

When is his birthday?

May 6, 2018

What is your dog’s breed?

Doberman Mix (DNA indicates Doberman (mom was a purebred, petite blue Dobie who gave birth to 5 of these!), Boxer, Redbone Coonhound as the primary breeds.

Does Jasper have any nicknames?

Monkey, Jas, Buddy

What is his favorite place to be scratched?

Neck and behind the ears.

Does he have a favorite toy?

He has several, most are the ones he’s found on walks.  His most favorite is “Hero” that he picked out at PetSmart for his 3rd Birthday.  A light purple with colored polka dots stuffed animal with a noise maker inside.

If Jasper could eat any human food what would it be?

He would eat or at least try anything.  Drink – beer!  Never leave your beer unattended within reach!

What is he most afraid of?

Me invading his space to snuggle.  But really and unfortunately, going to the veterinary clinic and I work in the industry!

If he had a profession what would it be?

Professional sleeper!

If he drove a car what would he drive?

He would drive a black truck, more space for his 85# and all his toys.

Who’s his favorite mom or dad?

Mom, until dad comes home!

What’s the naughtiest thing Jasper has ever done?black & tan dobie mix, Jasper, running in the snow with a purple ball in his mouth

Counter surfed for the first time at my friend’s lake home, quietly, stealth-like while we were in the dining area and got a great taste of a stick of butter!

Does Jasper sleep on the floor or dog bed?

He’s a bed dog for sure, sleeps between us every night!

What’s your favorite thing to do with him?

Take him camping and to the cabin or our friends’ cabins.  If I could take  him and the cats everywhere I would.  But sometimes, pet parents need a break too!  Thank you Dog Day Getaway!

When meeting another dog is he a face to face greeter or a butt greeter?

Face to face. However, never teach your puppy a game of through the legs from front or back when he is going to turn into 85#.  He wants to do it with everyone as his greeting!

What’s a day in the life of Jasper entail?

Eat at 5am, take turns with cats trying to get me up before 5am, go outside, come in, eat and go back to bed.  He would rather start his day at 9am or 10am by sleeping or hanging out in the bay window to keep an eye on things,  go outside again and get ready for his walk.  Sniff and mark everything he can to remind all the other dogs on his walk that these paths belong to him.  Come home to speed-run in the yard, play soccer with us, chase squirrels that are on the outside of the fence.  If we are not outside with him and he wants to come in, he knows how to open the door.  If  only he knew how to shut it again.  Take long naps or continue to watch out the bay window, eat at 5pm, hang out in chair napping, around 8pm get in play mode in the house with fetch lasts about 15-30 minutes.  Now relax, get ready to go to bed at 10pm.

Describe him in 3 words?

Calm, Gentle, Chill

black & tan Doberman mix outside in the snowDoes Jasper have an Instagram page?

No, I barely have one!

One thing you would change about him?

Not come across so serious, so people are not afraid.

One thing he would change about you?


What is his favorite hangouts?

Bed, designated dog chair (from previous dogs and literally has camouflage duct tape on the arms-yes, our home is for pets not people!), Bay window where he stands on his hind legs and just rests the top half of his body on the small dog/cat bed in the window when the cats are not there or takes over when they are.



Photographs done by Studio Twelve 52

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