February 2019 DOTM celebrates all pups at DDG

DDG Had a bit of a rush with our winter weather and other exciting goings-on, so we were unable to choose a February 2019 Dog of the Month… so, we decided to celebrate all of our pups and have a “Dogs of the Month”! We couldn’t be more happier with our doggy daycare guests and staff and want everyone to know how truly grateful we are.

All dogs have a peculiar side, whether it’s Logan (Sept 2018 DOTM) making charcoal rug art, Casper (January 2018 DOTM) eating winter hats or funny Magnus (DOTM April 2017) who loves pizza crust, but also playfully tore up an entire room of carpet. We love all of our dogs and yeah, sometimes they do the darnedest things. But that’s what makes them who they are, and part of our family.

Dogs of the Month – February 2019

The staff at DDG understands that each of our guests is unique and has their own personality, which makes our job easier and fun watching them play and snooze. We’d also like to take this time to thank the owners who trust us with their beloved pooches everyday. You deserve an award too!

All of our dogs are simply the best, and we just couldn’t wait until August 26th (National Dog Day) to express how we feel about them. So without further ado… here are some great pics from within the Dog Day Getaway facility of our guests in action: